Afghanistan and Gorebal Warming

The fighting is much reduced because of a colder-than-usual Winter. Added to this is a regional wheat shortage, which has pushed up grain prices 50 percent or more. The cold has killed over 500 people so far. That is expected to more than double, because many villages have been cut off by the snow. The food shortage, and rising prices, will also lead to more malnutrition, and deaths.

On the plus side, the Taliban 2007 offensive was a failure, and growing anti-Taliban violence in Pakistan has diminished the power of the Afghan Taliban. This Spring, the Taliban are expected to emerge from their Winter vacation weaker than last year.

Source: Strategy Page

Apparently Al Gore telling us that the ice will be gone from Antarctica in 5 years unless we all take vows of poverty and start moving freight via bicycle teams* has caused the record cold winters. Either that, or the ice has decided that Antarctica is politically or economically oppressive and is in the process of illegally immigrating to Asia.

*Ah see yew coasting over there on the off side, SwampWoman! Now lean into that harness and PEDAL! (Whipcrack.) AIEEEEEEEEE!

**Horse and ox teams emit too much methane, although I’m not sure that broccoli-fed bicyclers would be an improvement.


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