Companion Horses

Daughter sent me an E-Mail concerning a horse that she just KNEW I would want to rush out and buy to keep her old mare company.  She was a thoroughbred/Arabian filly for sale at an extremely low price (way less than the stud fee would have been).  With land prices ranging from “How much did you say that was again?”  to “You have got to be f***ing kidding me!”, I suppose that there just aren’t enough places available to board horses.

Why daughter thought that I would want a hot-blooded mount that would likely attempt to evolve wings every time she saw a real or imaginery booger, I could not say.  There are sooooo many reasons not to take on another horse or horses.  My knees can’t take posting anymore.  I don’t believe I bounce quite as well as I used to.  Hay and feed prices are pretty steep.  I’ve consequently turned down several offers of free horses lately.

What did catch my eye yesterday was a picture on the feed store bulletin board advertising an 18 and 1/2 hands draft mule, 6 years old, who allegedly loves people (the ad did not specify whether he eats them raw or tenderizes them with his hooves first).   He was *beautiful*.   I would love to have another mule.  Perhaps I better look for a light duty economy model instead of an industrial strength mule as I’m not planning on logging any forests or transporting freight by wagon anytime soon.

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