Plantar Fasciitis Update

Plantar fasciitis has been giving me a lot of foot pain, right more than left. I reduced my walks/jogs from 6 miles to 4 miles to 2 miles to 0 with no appreciable effect; in fact, the pain continued to worsen to the point that I was hobbling around like an arthritic Grandma (hey, wait….) when I got out of bed or even stepping out of the vehicle after a short car truck ride. Stretching wasn’t really helping either.

So, I got one of those foot braces for plantar fasciitis from CVS pharmacy. I kept waking up the first night I wore it because of discomfort. However, when I gingerly put my foot on the floor in the morning, I didn’t experience the familiar shooting pain but instead, a dull ache that I could deal with.

This morning again, no sharp pain, just a dull ache. I have a friend that just underwent surgery for her plantar fasciitis and has not seen appreciable benefit, so I hope that this will be sufficient to treat my condition. I would like to start walking/running again for the weight control aspect but may have to go back to bicycling (dang) which I’m less fond of. I can’t keep up with the Swampman on his bicycle, and he’ll often look over his shoulder to find I’m not there, bicycle back, and be annoyed to find me taking pictures of a snake or a cloud or a flower.

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