Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a Fraud

Last year, we noted the insolent and unresponsive answers by IPCC chapter 6 Lead Authors to Review Comments in connection with the Hockey Stick reconstructions. Under IPCC policies, Review Editors have important obligations to ensure responsiveness of Chapter Authors (see policies discussed here). The comments by Review Editors were not put online by IPCC, but, after some effort, David Holland managed to obtain the Review Comments for WG1 and WG2. While a few WG2 Review Editors made substantive comments, WG1 review editor comments proved to be a few-sentence form letter in all but one case (chapter 6 Review Editor Mitchell noting outstanding controversy in connection with the Hockey Stick.)

Read the rest at Climate Audit.

And while you’re at it, educate yourself on the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, El Nino, and La Nina. Look at how the HISTORIC temperature records are being changed DAILY. It wouldn’t hurt to look at solar activity as well.

And then reflect that if you weren’t reading blogs, you’d have no idea what any of this meant because the media is all global warming, all the time, despite ample evidence to the contrary. The evening news….Discovery Channel……the Weather Channel……you can barely watch a television program without “climate change” or “global warming” thrown into the mixture somewhere. SwampMan is getting tired of me yelling at the TV “Of COURSE we’re having global warming! We’re still recovering from the freakin’ ice age! It’s a little difficult GROWING FOOD on a mile thick glacier. When we QUIT recovering from the ice age, the world is going to starve, you MORON! Do you even KNOW about PDO and AMO?” Occasionally Usually I use stronger language. Of late, as soon as “global warming” or “climate change” is mentioned, I simply switch the channel because how can I believe any of the other content?

It also chaps my butt that people on the Weather Channel, who really should (and do) know better, blame (Atlantic) hurricanes on “global warming” when they KNOW that the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (warm phase) and whether we’re in an El Nino or La Nina is to blame.

In the meantime, the government is pursuing an energy policy based on the premise of “climate change” linked to carbon dioxide that is going to be even more costly to the economic welfare of the citizens through increased costs for everything from food to going to work.

Florida has already begun mandating ethanol mixed with gasoline. While I have read from official websites that the alcohol content of the gasoline will be completely harmless, I’ve read other websites including auto repair places that it does cause damage even to vehicles made in the 1990s. The ethanol, which reduces gas mileage so it is going to cost me more money, is supposed to be less expensive. Oddly enough, it costs the same amount as non-ethanol-added gasoline at the pump.

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  1. 1

    Robert D said,

    I know what you mean about turning the channel Swamps. If it’s about the climate in any way, you will only hear one side of the story.
    Great rant there BTW!

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Yeah, stupidity on display causes me to go into rant mode.

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