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Wearing That Seat Belt Ain’t Such a Bad Idea….

SwampMan was driving to work this morning when an oncoming Chevrolet Suburban in the left hand lane of a divided highway ran off the road. I don’t know if it was a moment of inattention, perhaps answering the cell phone or changing radio stations, or if a tire blew. Whatever the cause, SwampMan stomped the brakes to keep from hitting the vehicle head on if it careened across the median. The driver yanked the Suburban back on the pavement but the rear end slung around and it ran off the road on the other side straight into some young trees at a pretty high speed. The vehicle was flung high into the air when it rebounded from the trees and landed on its side. Before it had finished sliding, people on the other side of the highway that had been behind the vehicle were pulled over and running to render assistance.

While SwampMan was switching on his cell phone to call for assistance, he looked in his rearview mirror and put his phone away. Some volunteer fire department members were taking the firetruck out for a practice run or maybe going to breakfast and had seen the whole thing from a side road. They were behind us and at the scene seconds after the accident.

I don’t know the outcome of the accident as we drove on to work but hope the driver and any passengers were securely belted in and were okay. It is shocking how quickly a vehicle can turn into a crumpled heap of metal and lives are changed forever.

A friend’s beloved nephew perished in an accident this weekend when he misjudged both the distance he had in which to pass another vehicle and the speed of the oncoming vehicle because he was young and in a hurry. He won’t get the opportunity to develop patience now.

Be careful. Pay attention. Making up time when you’re running late isn’t worth your life.

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Time For The Incomparable Boswell Sisters

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Scientists Warn of Mutating H7N2 (Bird Flu) Strain

A strain of bird flu has moved a step closer to developing the traits required to create an epidemic of the disease in humans, scientists warned on Monday.
Researchers who analysed samples of recent avian flu viruses found that a strain of the virus called H7N2 had adapted slightly better to living in mammals.

Tests on ferrets proved the strain could be passed between animals but scientists said the evidence suggested that bird flu could be transmitted between humans.


The next flu season should prove interesting indeed for virologists.

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