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Congratulations, Class of 2008!

I was up at the local pharmacy picking up a prescription and while I was there, I picked up the local paper. The young lady in the pharmacy said “Oh, our senior pictures are in there! Let me show you mine!”, found the inserts with the graduates’ pictures in it, and showed me hers. She is lovely young lady, and I admired her picture. Then she showed me the picture of another employee, a young man with a big smile in the back of the pharmacy, and he came up and asked me if I wanted him to sign his picture as he was going to be *very* rich and famous some day. I thanked him and indicated that I would indeed like him to sign his picture so I could sell it on E-Bay when that day came. I came out of the pharmacy with a prescription and a newspaper with autographed copies of two of the town’s class of 2008, and feel much the richer for it.

When you graduate tomorrow night, class of 2008, be sure to fully enjoy the moment with all of your classmates. Don’t be so eager to start your new life that discard all of your classmates as you leave home. I know that there are probably several that you don’t like at all and think that you will be happy if you never, ever see them again but trust me, in 30 years you’ll be happy that there are people that can remember you as you are now, without gray in your hair (or, as SwampMan points out, can remember when you HAD hair).

You will find that a lot of your classmates won’t make the 30 year reunion. Some will have met with accidents or illness and passed away. Others will have moved away and lost touch over time. If someone has made a difference in your life or improved it just by being your friend, now would be a good time to say something before you go your separate ways.

If you’re graduating high school feeling left behind because your family isn’t able to give you a brand new car for your birthday or graduation, congratulations. Often people that have been given everything instead of having to work/strive/fight for it do not have the inner resources to persevere when times get tough. If you’ve already weathered several tough times in your short life, you’re ahead of the game and know that this, too, shall pass.

I guarantee that you will face financial and personal loss, heartache, and defeat on your journey through life. I also guarantee that you will have love, laughter, and your share of victories as well. Life is a roller coaster. Enjoy the ride.

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