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Yeeeeeha! Hurricane Season Begins!

Since it has been unseasonably cool (and wonderfully so), I haven’t really thought about hurricane season beginning and do NOT have any supplies on hand like I usually do, not even extra batteries! Well. I spent today working on furniture, tomorrow will be spent on visiting daughter, and gathering emergency supplies won’t be on the agenda until next weekend.

Unless, of course, a sudden storm forms and heads this way. Then I’ll be foot stomping and eye gouging for flashlight batteries at the stores with the best of them.

Things to have on hand in the event of a hurricane per the state of Florida:

Disaster Supply Kit

Water – at least 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to 7 days

Food – at least enough for 3 to 7 days

non-perishable packaged or canned food / juices
foods for infants or the elderly
snack foods
non-electric can opener
cooking tools / fuel
paper plates / plastic utensils
Blankets / Pillows, etc.

Clothing – seasonal / rain gear/ sturdy shoes

First Aid Kit / Medicines / Prescription Drugs

Special Items – for babies and the elderly

Toiletries – hygiene items

Moisture wipes

Flashlight / Batteries

Radio – Battery operated and NOAA weather radio

Cash – Banks and ATMs may not be open or available for extended periods.


Toys, Books and Games

Important documents – in a waterproof container

insurance, medical records, bank account numbers, Social Security card, etc.
document all valuables with videotape if possible
Tools – keep a set with you during the storm

Vehicle fuel tanks filled

Pet care items

proper identification / immunization records
ample supply of food and water
a carrier or cage
muzzle and leash

*sigh* I think the chain saw has bit the dust, so to speak, and we may have to break down and get another. The generator is still at the parents, so I think we’re gonna have to get another one o’ them, too.

Oddly enough, the handgun and ammo isn’t mentioned.

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Do We REALLY Care About What Europe Thinks?

Per the Telegraph:

America’s actions undoubtedly make the world a more peaceful and stable place. Its support for economic globalisation promotes global prosperity and encourages international co-operation.

And yet, as the results of a poll by show, its standing in Europe is low. In Britain, France, Germany and Russia, more people thought that the United States was a force for evil than for good.

The wildcard in the poll was Italy, where 49 per cent (compared to 27 per cent) thought that the US was a force for good.

Here is my retort in the form of a song to Europeans that want to criticize the way we do things: What do you think about that?

I’ve never understood why some people seem to believe that their views should influence anybody else. Well, guess what. I don’t give a shit really care what you think. I have an internal locus of control.

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