Danville, Illinois Biodiesel Plant Purchased

DANVILLE, Ill. (May 15, 2008)—Today, Blackhawk Biofuels, LLC announced it has completed the acquisition of assets of a 45 million gallon per year biodiesel production facility under construction in Danville, Ill. from Biofuels Company of America, LLC. As part of the signed agreement, Renewable Energy Group, Inc. is providing financing in the form of a convertible loan to Blackhawk. Fifth Third Bank is also participating in the financing. In its continued commitment for the Danville facility, the Office of Illinois Governor Blagojevich and the
Illinois Finance Authority are providing financial assistance in the form of a state credit enhancement.

“Renewable Energy Group, Inc. is proud to partner with Blackhawk Biofuels, LLC on the purchase and management of this facility,” said REG’s President, Nile Ramsbottom. “The opportunity to add production capacity for high quality biodiesel from the Blackhawk facility to the REG network is significant. This is an excellent business and growth opportunity for Renewable Energy Group, Inc. and through our investment, demonstrates our continued commitment to, and confidence in, the biodiesel industry.”

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. will manage operations and staff at the Danville facility, procure feedstocks and market the biodiesel through its national distribution channels as part of a management, operations and services agreement with Blackhawk Biofuels. The facility is located adjacent to a soybean crush facility owned by Bunge North America.

The facility was designed to exclusively use vegetable oils, however Blackhawk Biofuels is partnering with Renewable Energy Group, Inc. to upgrade the plant’s process technology to allow for multiple feedstocks to be utilized to produce high quality biodiesel.

“Located on the Indiana/Illinois border, Danville is a strategic location of choice for us to continue building our nation’s biodiesel future,” added REG’s Chief Operating Officer, Daniel J. Oh. “Upgrades to the facility will further enhance the plant’s market advantages. We expect Danville to become a premier facility in the REG network focused on our marketing capabilities in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.” Biodiesel production is projected to begin as early as this fall, Oh added. “As the facility brings on employees for family wage, skilled, green collar jobs, we appreciate Governor Blagojevich’s continued support of this facility and the community.”

Blackhawk Biofuels LLC

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