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Making Concrete Planters (I NEED the Money!)

I was trying to set up for a dry run of an idea that I had of teaching people how to make their own concrete planters, stepping stones, etc. I moved (with SwampMan’s grudging help) the big cypress picnic table onto the back covered patio to hold the heavier materials and concrete mixing tub. As usual, I was not allowed to do anything unsupervised by my 4-pawed masters.

While covering the picnic table with a vinyl tablecloth, Princess, the former momma cat, decided to supervise. She walked back and forth, effectively impeding my moving the vinyl table covering. I finally picked her up and put her down as she was impervious to pointed hints such as “damnit, cat! Get off the table!” Meanwhile Odie, the deaf one-eyed dog who is developing a cataract on his remaining eye, was in his usual place by my side, rubbing his eye on my knee in the apparent hope that touching his Saviour with the afflicted eye would heal the cataract. Hope, apparently, springs eternal, and he was giving me another chance to perform the healing as it hadn’t worked the last three million times he’d done it. After stumbling over Odie (again) and genially cursing (which was pointless as he couldn’t hear me anyway), I tried to put out my various carving tools, pigments, and molds, coming inside for a medicinal chocolate-covered peanut cluster or three, a superb stress reducer. Back outside to the table, where I had to pick a tree frog out of my concrete mixing tub. At this point Don Bruce, the former big studly cat, decided to march imperiously down the table and waved his tail in my eyes. Did I mention that I’ve developed an allergy to cats? As my eyes started to swell shut, I ran back inside (stumbling over Odie yet again) to wash out the eyes and pop a Benadryl (and some more of those chocolate peanut clusters). Hey, wait….how did this bag get so empty?

After eating about 1,000 calories in chocolate-covered peanuts, I’m about to go back outside and make….something. I think I can rule out giving classes in decorative concrete here as a money-making venture.

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