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Oh, NOW Obama Wants Florida Delegates to Count

WASHINGTON (AP) – Now that Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for president, he wants convention delegates from Florida and Michigan to have full voting rights at the party’s national convention.

Obama sent a letter Sunday to the party’s credentials committee, asking members to reinstate the delegates’ voting rights when the committee meets at the start of the convention in Denver.

The delegates were originally stripped because the two states violated party rules by holding primaries before Feb. 5.

The delegates from each state were given half-votes at a contentious party meeting in May, as part of a compromise designed to give two important states some role at the convention.

Obama’s former Democratic rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, had won both primaries, though Obama’s name was not on the Michigan ballot and neither candidate campaigned in Florida.

“I believe party unity calls for the delegates from Florida and Michigan to be able to participate fully alongside the delegates from the other states and territories,” Obama said in the letter.

Some of Clinton’s supporters were outraged that the delegates were not fully reinstated in May.

They were also angry that Obama claimed some of the delegates won by Clinton in Michigan. Party leaders in Michigan had developed a plan to award Obama delegates even though he wasn’t on the ballot.

Their plan served as the basis for the eventual compromise approved by the party’s rules and bylaws committee. Obama clinched the Democratic nomination three days later, and he has been working to win over Clinton’s supporters ever since.

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Sooooo, then, Obama didn’t want the delegates to count until it didn’t matter anymore, then suddenly he wants to make sure their vote is sacred.  Or something.

I also notice that the Democrats have blocked any kind of guarantee that military members would have their votes counted.

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Dad Shows 15-Year-Old Son How to Abuse Prescription Drugs; Son Dies From Overdose

SPRING HILL, Fla. — A Gulf Coast man was charged with murder after he said he gave his 15-year-old son powerful prescription drugs because he wanted the boy to know “how to party right.”

Steven Alfano was charged with third-degree murder after son Vincent died of an accidental overdose in June.

Witnesses said the 47-year-old Spring Hill man showed his son how to crush and snort pills like the painkiller oxycodone and the heroin substitute methadone.

Alfano was arrested Friday and is being held without bail in the Hernando County Jail.


Yeah, it’s one of those dumbass white druggies.  I swear, I do not understand why they even bother to try to treat these people.  Just provide them with a sufficient amount of illicit drugs to off themselves and do us all a big favor.

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More on the Palatka Plane Crash

From First Coast News:

PALATKA, FL — A man and his wife are lucky to be alive. Their small plane crashed and caught on fire early Sunday morning near the airport in Palatka. They were able to walk away safely.

The pilot, his wife, and mother-in-law were on their way from Alabama to Miami. They had to make a pit stop because the mother-in-law got sick. She went to the hospital in Palatka and then was flown to Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville.

The pilot refueled. He and his wife took (sic), then they ran into problems. According to Assistant Chief James Griffith with the Palatka Police Department, “As they were ascending from the runway, they apparently lost power of some type, I’m not exactly sure.” He says the plane hit two trees, spun and then crashed in a wooden, vacant lot in between two homes. It caught on fire.

Jon and Phyllis Rice heard the plane over their home. Phyllis told First Coast News, “I heard a noise, big boom then there was a swish and flames just everywhere.”

Her husband said, “I actually thought it was the trash truck emptying the big dumpsters when I heard the bang and the boom. But you could see the fire exploding from the windows of the house, that told me real quick it wasn’t a dump truck.”

The couple jumped out of bed and ran outside. The plane was less than 50 feet from their home. Phyllis told us, “We ran out of the house and ran over to where the plane had landed. And we got the fire hose going ’cause there was fire dancing all around in the yard out there.”

She could see the couple on the plane, but couldn’t get to them. “It really bothers you when you can’t get, can’t get to somebody.” Phyllis said her husband focused on the fire. She kept her eyes on the plane and the couple on board. She says she was relieved when she saw them run away from the plane.

David Johnson, a neighbor on the other side of the wooden area, heard the plane go down. He ran through the bushes and saw two people running. “I kind of guided them over to the house.”

Johnson says they sat down in front of his home. He told us the pilot said he had to go back for his cat and some papers. He says he and the man’s wife said don’t go. But, the pilot ran back to the burning plane and got his computer and rescued his cat.

The couple from South Florida survived. After seeing the plane go down and seeing what is left, Jon Rice said, “They were very fortunate. I never dreamed that anybody would have walked away from the crash.”

Investigators with the FAA are on the scene. They are looking over the plane trying to determine exactly why it went down.

I’m glad that the man and woman were able to escape, that the man was able to rescue his kitty and his laptop, that the ill mother-in-law was not on the plane when it went down, and that the only casualty appears to be the plane itself.

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Hens Gone Wild

I just gathered seven eggs out of the dog’s bed. These hens are out of control and getting worse! When I go somewhere with the SwampMan, we arrive back home, as soon as I step out of the vehicle a couple hundred assorted poultry varieties spot me and come running towards me like something out of The Birds. It gets even worse when I go out to the barns in the evening at dusk. Then birds start swooping down out of the rafters, landing on sheep and whacking me upside the head if they’ve miscalculated my path to the feed trough.

I need to put up new chicken wire to replace the rusted out stuff and start trying to contain those damn chickens. My vincas were eaten again by those plundering poultry.


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Bobby Hart, West Nassau HS Teacher, Running for Florida House, District 12

Bobby Hart, a veteran educator in Baker, Union and Nassau
Counties recently announced his candidacy for the Florida House of Representatives, District 12.

Hart, a Republican and native Baker Countian, taught at Baker County High from 1981-1990 and has been involved in the public school system for almost 30 years. He is also a major in the Army Reserve and has served two tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, returning most recently in April, 2007.

“I don’t think anyone knows this district and the people in it better than I do,” said Hart, a sixth generation Floridian who has strong ties with all six counties within the district. “Obviously, education is my first love, but I will be more than a one-issue candidate. I’m concerned and have experience in the plight of working families, providing the best security for our citizens, veteran affairs and in general making Florida the kind of state we want to live in and one we want to leave for our children.”

Some of Hart’s key career accomplishments include:
· Bronze Star Medal and two Army Achievement Medals for service in Operation Iraqi Freedom
· Finalist in the Boselli Foundation Star Teacher, Nassau County Golden Apple for Teaching Excellence
· Award winning writer and photographer
· Florida National Guard Soldier (1989-1995)
· Baker County School Board member (1990-1996)
· BA, MA degrees; University of Florida
· Former adjunct professor at the University of Florida (2000)

One key that Hart sees in representing District 12 is the geographic size of the district. “I intend to have a mobile office that will travel around the district and I’ll spread my staff throughout so we can better meet the needs of our citizens,” he said.

Hart is a strong proponent of home rule over governmental issues. “I think one problem we have in Florida is the wide disparity of needs and wants throughout the state,” he said. “What is good for South Florida may not be good for us in North Florida. District 12 is the same on a smaller scale, so I think locally elected officials should decide what is best for their communities.”

Hart, who ran for the District 12 seat in 2000, said, “People talked to me about running for the state house again, and I told them no. When Sheriff Milner dropped out of the race, I was contacted to run, but I said it was too late to get into the race. Then someone reminded me that just by the natural course my life has taken, I have been running for this job every day my entire life,” Hart said.

Hart’s family includes wife Cheryl, a first grade teacher at Westside Elementary school in Glen St. Mary for 31 years and former Board of Directors member at Lake City Community College; two sons: Air Force Capt. Dustin M. Hart and Jonathan Hart, both graduates of the University of Florida; daughter-in-law Tyleen and two grandsons, Rylan and Shayne.

For more information or to be part of the campaign, call (904) 655-1523 or email

Source: Home Town Journal

I tried to get the information from Bobby Hart’s website, but it is not coming up for me. He has a disadvantage in that he entered the race late, and his opponents are better financed.

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“Chicken Koop” Restaurant on Dunn Avenue Robbed; Police Officer Shoots One of the Suspects

The Chicken Koop Restaurant on Dunn Avenue in Jacksonville was the site of the 16th police-involved shooting this year Saturday night. An armed suspect in an ongoing robbery ran out of the restaurant and shot at an off-duty police officer responding to a robbery in progress alert who then returned fire, hitting the suspect. The suspect ran back inside and exited out another door but was caught a short time later and taken to Shands for treatment. His accomplice was also apprehended.

I suppose I’m showing my age, but I can remember going over to Dunn Avenue when there were just a couple of fast food places and Highlands Shopping Center, and we had no worries about personal safety going over there. Now is a different story.

Update:  The man shot by the police is a 19-year-old male in critical condition.  His name is Corea Johnson, Jr.  At this time, it appears that the other suspect initially detained by police for questioning was not involved in the robbery.

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Man Calls 911 Because Sandwich Was Wrong

JACKSONVILLE, FL — An unhappy Subway customer called 911 not once, but twice to complain to police that his sandwich was not made to his liking.

Reginald Peterson called the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office in hopes that police could have his sandwich made to his satisfaction.

A short time later, Peterson contacted JSO again to complain that police still had not shown up.

When police did arrive Peterson told the officer he had ordered two sandwiches, checked out, and then walked outside to find the subs did not have “everything” he ordered.

He told police he became “very upset” and “belligerent” because the employee making the sandwich was not doing it correctly.

Witnesses inside the store say Peterson eventually started screaming at everyone inside. When Peterson went outside to call police. Employees closed the store and locked the door to keep him from returning.

According to the report, the officer tried to calm Petterson and explain to him the proper way to use 911, but he would not cooperate.

Peterson was arrested and at his request the sandwiches were thrown away.


Dang. At Subway, I watch the sandwiches being MADE. If somebody forgets something, I say things like “and jalapeno peppers, too, please”. If I want to be extra finicky, I can always keep my butt at home and make my own sandwiches, something this man should seriously consider in the future.

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