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Injured Are the Peacemakers

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A 50-year old man from Ohio is in critical condition at Shands Jacksonville after he and a companion were stabbed while trying to break up a fight.   Source and rest of the story at  First Coast News.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A 31-year-old father of four continued on Monday to fight for his life after police said someone shot him while he was working at a Northwest Jacksonville apartment complex last weekend.

Investigators said James Hayes was wounded while trying to intervene after hearing gunshots fired at the Hilltop Apartments Saturday night.

According to the police report, a group of young men were shooting at each other and Hayes tried to mediate the situation.  Source and rest of the story at

I believe there may be a message in there somewhere that if a bunch of low-life wannabe thugs are busily trying to kill each other, don’t intervene.

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Armed Robber Chooses Wrong “Victim” in Brentwood

A repairman was working on a house on West 24th near Pearl Street about 1 p.m. today when an armed robber, also known as the man that was shot, attempted to rob him.  The repairman, knowing the reputation of the area, was also armed.

“Being robbed, the person actually defended himself by shooting the assailant. The assailant ran away,” said JSO homicide Sgt. Derrick Lewis.

He said the victim was on West 24th Street repairing a house when the suspect approached him.

Lewis said the victim was armed because he felt threatened working in the area.

“He felt that he was in a dangerous area, so he carried a gun on him or nearby. So, he had a gun available to him, and you know the rest,” Lewis said.   Source:

One way or another, people need to be convinced of the merits of being law abiding.  If more people were less willing to be victims, we’d have a far more civil society.

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