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Wanted for Cutting Out DJ’s Eyes

If you see Foster Leon, notify police and don’t let him near your eyes.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville police are trying to find a man who they said attacked a disc jockey after an altercation at a bar and cut the man’s eyes out.

Investigators said the DJ was attacked in the early-morning hours of July 5 near Starlite CafĂ©. Rescuers. Police found him in the neighborhood because someone driving by saw him lying in the street. They said right away they realized something was very wrong with man’s eyes.

“(It’s) heartbreaking to think something like that would happen here,” said one of the DJ’s co-workesr, Kir Kay.

According to a police report, the DJ had life-threatening injuries and both of his eyes were protruding from his face. Source:

It’s one thing to shoot somebody but cutting his eyes out? That’s one crazy sumbitch right there.

Police have been looking for 30-year-old Foster Leon, who is accused of aggravated battery in the brutal attack.

Anyone with information about Leon’s whereabouts is asked to call Crimestoppers at 866-845-TIPS. Callers can remain anonymous and could be eligible for a cash reward.

Turn the man in, collect your reward, and you won’t have to worry about anybody cutting your eyeballs out. Maybe.

Update: Caught in New Orleans! Guess even the Big Easy doesn’t care to have eyeball gougers running around.

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“How to Make 4 Alternative Fuels at Home. Goodbye, Big Oil?”

…is the name of the article in Popular Mechanics. Hey, I like to be as self-sufficient (within reason) as possible, so I went to check it out!

The automated still (Efuel 100 MicroFueler) which produces ethanol costs roughly $10,000. The ingredients needed are 10 to 14 lbs. of sugar (plus yeast) to produce a gallon of ethanol, and produces 35 gallons per week that can be burned in flex-fuel engines. On to the next one!

The Fuelmeister II produces fuel from vegetable oil mixed with lye and methanol. The price is @$3,000, and can produce 40 gallons of biodiesel that can be used in any diesel engine in 5 hours. If you could sneak around and steal used grease from restaurants, the price per gallon would be fairly low, assuming that you weren’t caught and prosecuted. If you owned a restaurant, now, recycling the vegetable grease to fuel could be a nice little revenue stream out of what was a waste product.

Electricity: $45,000 to make one’s carport electric? Completely outta my reach.

Hydrogen: Not yet ready.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t exactly be digging a grave for big oil anytime soon.

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What Sex Does Your Browser URL History Say You Are?

Mike on Ads has a program that can analyze the probability of your sex based on your browser history. I pressed the button for analysis, and here is my result:

Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 1%
Likelihood of you being MALE is 99%

If I had perused my favorite woodworking and concrete forming sites more recently, I suppose that 1% likelihood of being female would be gone.

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I Can Give Retailers a Clue Why Nobody’s Buying….

My mother and I hit the stores on a clothing-buying expedition last week (yeah, we went to the mall–there’s our problem right there). We walked through store after store, and the results were the same. The colors were UGLY. The garish prints in nasty color combinations were hideous. The styles were unflattering. The materials were “cheap” feeling and poorly constructed, yet expensively priced. Our only purchases were a pair of (on sale) running shoes each.

We stopped at a resale shop on the way home and were able to purchase a few clothes in colors and styles we liked.

If the stores want to buy ugly crap for resale under the guise of “latest fashion”, that’s their prerogative. I’m not going to spend my money on fashions that I don’t like.

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