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Oh, Sure, NOW They Look Like Angels….

Little 1-year-old Dylan is finally asleep, his auburn curls touseled, his stuffed kitty clutched close, his long eyelashes grazing his chubby cheeks.  He looks so sweet and innocent lying there.  He certainly doesn’t look like the child that (partially) flushed Meemaw’s hair brush down the toilet.  My cell phone and watch went missing while I was checking the BBQ, and I fear the worst. 

Sleeping beside him is little 4-year-old Jake, a very handsome young man with his straight black hair and olive skin, who is very excited about starting pre-kindergarten next week.  My heart hurts because I will be teaching other people’s precious little children that are starting kindergarten instead of my own little grand cherubs. 

Twenty five years ago, when I was running around getting ready for work in the morning and probably feeding the kids cat food and the cat cereal, then arriving at work with mascara on one eye and baby spit up down my back, I would have never dreamed that, in the future, I would cherish every memory of those days. 

In the meantime, I’m collapsed in Papa’s La-Z-Boy with happy, smiling dinosaurs, blocks, and toy trucks scattered throughout the whole kitchen/dining room area.  I need to clear the kitchen floor so I can wash dishes, but my eyes keep wanting to close.  The kids will be up in a few hours.  I’ll worry about dishes and dinosaurs then.

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Florida’s Revenue Estimates Headed Down Again

Yikes.  Read the reduced estimates here.  Anybody that works for the state, county, or city needs to be aware that more job cuts may be coming.

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