Florida: Casual Yet Serious Approach to Fay

I tuned into the Weather Channel this morning to check out the latest projected track and strength of Fay (which changes hourly) to hear one of the on-air people say that the Floridians were taking Fay casually yet seriously. 

That phrase reminds me of the invitations where the expected attire is listed.  When you get an invitation saying something like semi-formal, beach casual, or business casual, do you know what that means?  I never do.  For me, beach casual means a hat, full sunscreen, and long, baggy clothes covering as many extremities as comfortably possible due to the skin cancer that I had removed.  Other women receiving the identical information may show up wearing a thong.  Business casual, I suppose, would depend on the business.  What do “call girls” wear on casual Friday?  I have no idea.  If I receive an invitation that says “business casual”, I generally just toss it in the trash anyway.

Fay looks as though it’s going to be an inconvenience more than anything else.  Yeah, we’ll probably get a significant amount of rain and it looks like most of us have the possibility of tropical force winds which, with the shallow root systems of Florida trees combined with a few days of rain before the storm arrives, means lots of downed trees and power outages.  Once the winds hit 45 m.p.h., bridges will be closed, so schools will probably be closed as the storm progresses throughout Florida, depending on the strength and track of the storm. Tourists in areas with a possibility of being effected by storm winds will have to evacuate whether they like it or not for their own safety. 

So, Floridians are evaluating whether they need to board up the windows to protect against flying projectiles and deciding how much ice they’ll need to keep their food cold during the electrical outage.  We’ve been there and done that before.  At this point, it isn’t a big deal.

People new to the area need to know that tropical storms are scarier than they might think.

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    James said,

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    swampie said,

    With Fay (grin), I think you might be more successful in selling boats.

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