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Blogging Will *Probably* Be Light for the Next Couple Days….

I work at the beach but live inland. Our daughter lives at the beach @ 45 minutes further south but works inland across the St. Johns. Her kids go to day care and Pre-K at the beach. Our former daughter in law and her husband both work across the St. Johns but live inland, and my granddaughter goes to school inland. My husband works inland near the Georgia line. Our son lives inland with various work locations.

This is the downside to hundreds of thousands of people commuting daily across the intracoastal waterway, the St. Johns river, or both. We’re all hoping that the storm and the models get together sometime overnight so that the forecast has some degree of accuracy, and none of us get suddenly stranded on the wrong side of a bridge and are unable to make it back home to our families.

In the meantime, I’m kinda/sorta preparing, or attempting to prepare. I got home late from work, completely exhausted after a long day back at school without time for breakfast, lunch, or even a pee break. After 8 hours on my feet at school, 40 minutes of aerobic exercise, picking up last-minute items at the Super Wal-Mart, driving home, feeding the livestock, doing some laundry, and cooking, I don’t really have much energy left, and 5 a.m. comes early. SwampMan was busy with school paperwork, and his storm preparation was limited to asking if I’d washed his underwear yet.

I’m trying to make sure the laundry is caught up as is the vacuuming, dishes, and freezing lots of ice as I’m not sure when the electricity will go out and for how long. Small pails filled with water make great chunks of ice to help keep the freezer cold when the electricity goes out. Plastic gallon bags partially filled with water make great ice packs to put around perishables in ice chests and can be used as drinking water when they melt.

Oh, snap. I forgot to pick up a propane tank for the grill, and there won’t be any left now. Dangit! I knew I’d forgotten something.

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