Morning Weather Commute Headache: Dames Point Bridge is Closed

With Fay currently moving so slowly, it may be awhile before the Dames Point bridge opens again.  The winds were steady out of the north northeast with stronger gusts to the point where I would be hesitant to drive a high-profile vehicle such as a van over a high bridge with a wet road.

Update: Dames Point bridge opened again just in time for rush-hour traffic. Police officers will shut the bridges down on a case-by-case basis as wind speeds hit 40 m.p.h. Tourists in their RVs or towing their travel trailers being blown over the side of a bridge is bad for tourism and attracts lots of negative media attention. Yeah, I’m joking. We don’t get tourists in Jacksonville.

Afternoon Update: Oh, snap, Dames Point bridge closed again. Hope y’all have fun playin’ musical bridges on the way home from work tonight. Sorry, truck drivers. That’s what happens when you have to go through the River City.

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