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Electricity Back Up, Flooding Down

It has been a most interesting weekend.  There are still three trees down that we need to do something with once the water recedes a bit more (two oaks and a plum tree).  There are no pears left on the trees in the yard.  There will be no pecans here this year judging from the number of immature pecans that were pelting the roof when the tropical storm force winds were occurring.

The only casualty in the house during the entire course of Fay was my computer.  It hung up on a program, refused to shut off, then was abruptly shut off when the battery backup ran out of juice.  It wouldn’t boot back up and is in the computer hospital for diagnosis.  It is “old” for a computer; it has been my faithful companion for six or seven years, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when things go wrong.  It may not be cost effective to repair.  I will get the news Wednesday or Thursday.

In the meantime, I will blog in fits and starts as I can on borrowed computers in between the demands of work and school.

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