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Guide to ACORN Voter Registration Fraud

Gay Patriot has a state-by-state rundown.


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Another Respiratory and Sinus Infection

I believe I’ve been healthy and feeling like a human a staggering total of 2 weeks since the school year began in August. Yesterday, I started sneezing and feeling the effects of a cold, which I thought had to do with my daughter saving cats from euthanasia and fostering them inside her house which I visited yesterday. The fever showing on the thermometer indicates that it isn’t allergies. Aaaagh. The school system really doesn’t have enough money in the system for substitutes, so I’ll worry whether I should cost the school the money for a substitute, or go in and sicken even more staff as well as children?

I have to admit that I’m at a low point right now, a depressed state common to people that are feeling sorry for themselves when they are ill. A pity party, if you will. (And me with no tequila to throw that party properly!) The thought of the school year stretching out in front of me, contracting one sickness after another throughout the year, is rather depressing. I thought my immune system would be able to slough off anything after being sick all LAST year; in fact, the only time I was well last year was about halfway through the summer vacation when I finally recovered from my last bout of bronchitis.

I can’t breathe through my dose, when I answered the phone today people called me mister, and I doubt I’ll have a voice at all tomorrow. Yay.

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Casey Anthony Indicted for Murder of Caylee Anthony

Casey Anthony was indicted today on seven charges in the disappearance of her missing daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, including first-degree murder.

She also was charged with:

One count aggravated child abuse; One count aggravated manslaughter of a child; Four counts of providing false info to a law enforcement officer.

The decision came after an Orange County grand jury heard more than six hours of testimony from a half-dozen witnesses, including Anthony’s father, George Anthony, and sheriff’s Detective Yuri Melich, who is heading up the investigation.

Jurors completed their work at the Orange County Courthouse at mid-afternoon. Chief Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over the proceeding, received the indictment shortly before 4 p.m. today but ordered it sealed until Anthony was arrested.

The young mother, who spent much of the day at her lawyer’s office in Kissimmee, was on the road shortly before 5 p.m. when Orange County deputy sheriffs stopped the vehicle in which she was riding on the Beachline Expressway.

She was taken to the Sheriff’s Office command center in Orlando and was expected to be taken to the Orange County Jail sometime this evening.

Caylee Marie’s body has not been found, but the indictment indicates that prosecutors believe they can prove at trial that her mother killed her. The first-degree murder charge carries a possible death penalty if she is convicted.

“The investigation contains intricate forensics that are on the cutting edge of science,” State Attorney Lawson Lamar said after the indictment was unsealed. “We are used to complex forensics and are ready to manage this evidence at trial.”

To win a grand jury indictment, prosecutors had to demonstrate only probable cause that Anthony committed the crime. Proving a case beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard for a criminal trial. Read the rest at the Orlando Sentinel.

Is anybody surprised? Some press accounts indicate that there were traces of chloroform found in the trunk as well.

Authorities said that in the car Anthony drove, they found traces of chloroform, which can cause loss of consciousness. And they said that on her computer, they found Internet searches of missing children and chloroform Web sites. Source: CNN.

I believed that they would have a finding of accidental death as mom is hardly a poster child for responsibility; however, I did not know about the chloroform traces. That puts a much more sinister spin on little Caylee’s death.

Copies of her phone and text records obtained by police and released to the public show she hardly ever mentioned her missing daughter during the time just before and after the child was reported missing. The young mother referred to Caylee as “the little snot head” in May, about a month before the child disappeared.

Like I said previously, she knew all along where Caylee was and simply did not care.

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McCain/Palin Tradition

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