So You Won’t Be Lonely

SwampMan is going to be in south Florida for a week, and I was happily planning to do all the things that SwampMan does not like to do and therefore does not want me to do, such as trying on 57 pairs of new boots and not liking ANY of them, and then going to the Palace Saloon for their 2 for 1 drinks with a Hawaiian shirt night. I was considering getting some colors that are not found in nature striped into my hair when I answered my cell phone.

“Momma, guess what? I have to work weekends in November, so you’ll have to watch the kids for me.” (That loud crash was my plans for fun shattering on the asphalt of reality.) D’OH! “We know that you’ll be terribly lonely with daddy gone, so we’ll come stay with you until Tuesday.”

Aaaaargh! To celebrate a few nights of not cooking and washing dishes, I’ll have to cook more and wash even more dishes! Don’t nobody wait up for me, cuz I’ll be home late.


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