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Car Problems and Good People

My daughter’s car started pouring out smoke this morning as she was driving to work in the left hand lane of the freeway.  She was able to get it pulled over to the side and safely stopped in the grass before she had to go across a bridge.  The tow truck driver arrived to find her crying in her car because she could not reach me (I was already at work and had my phone turned off for the day) and she didn’t have her daddy’s cell phone number entered into that cell phone, a replacement for the one that had gone through the washer and dryer and then inexplicably refused to function.   To top it all off, she was now late for work and had no idea how she was even going to get home, get the kids out of day care, or pay for any vehicle repairs.

The tow truck driver, to stop her tears, offered to buy her a cup of coffee (she doesn’t drink it), offered a cigarette (she doesn’t smoke) and when that failed, loaned her his car to drive to work.   He had never seen her before!  He towed the vehicle back to a family-owned mechanic shop, had it looked at, and called her at work to tell her that it was the master cylinder that had gone out, sprayed brake fluid all over the engine; hence the smoke.  Well, she had had the master cylinder replaced 2 months ago at a brake shop.  The driver opined that it should still be under warranty, and the car should be towed over to the facility that had replaced it.  There was just one problem; her insurance did not cover the additional towing and the towing fee of $60 would have to be paid up front. There was no charge for diagnosing the problem.

They (mechanic shop and tow truck driver) paid the additional towing fee for her, and told her that she could repay them when she returned the car that afternoon.  She suspects that he also had a lil’ talk with the place that had replaced the master cylinder 2 months ago because when she walked in to collect her car after work and to see if she owed any additional money (which she did not have), they just handed her the keys.


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