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Let’s Socialize!

From Instapundit, a poster of Dear Leader:


If Obama wins tonight, we’re going to have a blast posting posters and photoshopping pictures the next 4 years!

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“Voting” Results from Kindergarten and First Grade

In my tiny lil’ section of Florida, the kindergarten and first graders got to “register” to vote, got a ballot for President, and then went to the voting booth and voted for their choice of President. The “voting” was pretty evenly split between Senators Obama and McCain. In one class, McCain may have a two vote margin of victory; in another, Obama came out ahead by one. It was remarkable how even the voting was.

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Waiting for Election Returns

I’m ambivalent. I’m not sure whether I want to glue myself to the internet or television watching the returns all evening, or whether I would really rather have a television and news blackout evening, spending the evening sipping wine and reading a good book instead, and then be able to look forward to when the alarm goes off in the morning so I can leap out of bed and turn on the television.

As a night owl that works an early morning job, there aren’t many things that make me want to leap out of bed at 5 a.m., so I’m in serious need of an incentive. A fire alarm would be one, but I’m not sure that I could set the house on fire at exactly the correct time in order to get to wake up and get to work on time, and I might not be able to get my shower. The despairing wail of a toddler that wakes up to find himself in a strange bed is one but again, if I borrowed one, it may just wake up at 1 a.m.

SwampMan is usually my incentive, starting by shaking me, progressing to removing my thick layer of blankets, and then threatening me with a pan of water. Since he’s not here this week to make sure that I wake in time to get the feeding, watering, and other livestock chores done and the crockpot started before leaving before dawn, my motivation is somewhat lacking.

Somebody would probably just spoil it for me, though, by waking me up to report the election results if I went to bed early in an attempt to get more than 5 hours of sleep.

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Election Day!

If you haven’t voted already (like 50% of my fellow Floridians), go!

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