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Just in Case by Kathy Harrison.

If you think that the SWHTF with the economy or terrorists or some other type of disaster, this book is a good primer on things that you need to think about for survival mode. It doesn’t really matter whether you worry about an economic meltdown or fear a mandatory 3-month quarantine suddenly imposed because of a severe infectious disease outbreak, because in the event of either you’ll need food and medical items stockpiled.

There is something for every income level. You could have a few (illicit) hens in a back yard coop (except NOT in the event of a bird flu epidemic), keep some rabbits for food (you WILL have to kill them in order to eat them), and/or grow containerized or hydroponic veggies in limited space. You could store canned goods/water under the bed. If you are in a cold area, you might consider putting in backup heat in the form of a wood or pellet-burning stove that can also be used for cooking. You can also think about any skills that you may wish to acquire just in case.

What are we doing? Not a whole lot. I’ve been planting ryegrass for winter grazing for the sheep, chickens, and ducks. I didn’t get the winter garden in because the garden space was under water from Fay earlier this year; I intend to remedy that when I get the spare time. We’ve been freezing foods rather than canning them; therefore, I’m buying canned goods whenever they’re on sale and squirreling them away, and buying flour, sugar and salt in huge bags from the warehouse stores, separating them into 5 lb. containers, and freezing them to keep the bugs out. Oh, yeah. And buying more ammo in case anybody’s survival plans include taking the items from their neighbors.

It isn’t really a special effort; we keep several weeks of food and other essentials on hand along with a packed bug-out bag for hurricane preparedness during the hurricane months. We’ve pretty much used up our supplies over the summer and need to restock.

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The California Collapse

Read all about it at New Geography and Al Fin.

We can look forward to an economy with all the vibrance and resiliency of California.

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New Commander in Chief’s Falsified Selective Service Documents?

Read more about it here. Slimy bastard.

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