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Right Whale Calving Season

The right whales are migrating to warmer waters off the Georgia and Florida coasts to calve.

DNR asks boaters who see a right whale to slow and not assume the whale will move from your path. Wildlife officials urge people to record the latitude and longitude or identify the location of the whale with regard to buoy, note the direction of the whale’s travel and notify authorities and other ships in the area immediately. In Georgia, call 800-272-8363.

Please be careful of the endangered mothers and newborn calves while boating.


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When Burglarizing Houses, Watch Out For Cougars

MIAMI — A 16-year-old girl was mauled by a cougar — but survived — when a neighbor saved her from the animal’s cage at a northwest Miami home.

A Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesman says the girl sustained some significant wounds Saturday and she was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Miami-Dade police said 21-year-old Anthony Zitnick, a friend of the girl, illegally entered the wildlife collector’s home with the girl and was later arrested. Inside, the 150-pound male cougar, named Chaos, pounced on the girl and clenched his jaws around her head.

Authorities said neighbor Richard Miralles heard screams and wrestled the animal away. Wildlife officials said the owner of the home has legal permits to keep two cougars and several snakes, tortoises and alligators.

Zittnick, 21, is facing charges of burglary into occupied dwelling.

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It’s Energy Prices, Stupid…..

Read Dumb Looks Still Free about his take on the recession/depression. I concur.

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