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Latest Florida Layoff Notices

U.S. Gypsum, 6825 Evergreen Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32208 to lay off 133.


It seems to be accelerating. For more information on layoffs in Florida, check here.


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Virginia, The State That Wanted to Invalidate Military Absentee Ballots, Now Crying About Moving a Carrier

WASHINGTON, DC — Discussing the Secretary of the Navy’s decision last week to move a nuclear carrier from Norfolk to Mayport, Florida Senator Bill Nelson said there had been some “sharp elbows” in the Virginia delegation during the discussions.

During a news conference Thursday morning, the Virginia delegation showed just how sharp the elbows were.

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine was joined by Senators Jim Webb and John Warner, and Senator-elect Mark Warner, who is replacing the outgoing John Warner in the next Congress.

During the half-hour long conference, each of the four assailed the decision as being politically-based and unnecessary.

The harshest words came from Senator Webb. “We’re not going to lose this carrier,” he said in a terse reply to a question. The decision to move a carrier is “not supported by economic logic or strategic logic,” and is “ill-timed at the end of an administration.” Read the rest here.

I think they should relocate every military base from that state.

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