No Black Fridays For Me.

I suppose I just don’t want to save money badly enough to engage in eye gouging, foot stomping, and/or knee kicking over a discount item in the electronics department that may not be the exact item I’m looking for anyway but what the hell, it’s on sale!

I read an account online of a person shopping in my area that noted that the prices in some stores were raised just prior to cutting them the week of the sale so that it looked as though the savings were larger than what they actually were. I can’t confirm, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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  1. 1

    Robert D said,

    I don’t need anything bad enough to go out on black friday.

  2. 2

    Paco said,

    It has always been a pet theory of mine that stores raise the prices and then drop them a notch in order to call it a “sale”. I’m interested to see that someone else has apparently noted some real evidence.

  3. 3

    swampie said,

    Well, if a story is done on it with corroborating evidence, I’ll post it as a follow up. Since I have not yet begun to shop (I HATE shopping), I have personally gathered no evidence.

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