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Turkey is Gone, Ham Still Lingering….

I chopped up the last of the turkey and fed it to SwampMan night before last.  We’re still working on the ham. 

As I walked in the door tonight, he drowsily asked “what’s for supper” from the La-Z-Boy where he had been napping while I was grocery shopping on the way home from work.   I don’t think he liked my response, which was that we were going to have potatoes O’Brien with ham, or scalloped potatoes and ham.

“No, that was the wrong answer.  That is NOT what we’re having for supper”, he replied firmly.

 “Oh?  So, what are you cooking?”

“Pizza from Spinners.”

“You got money?” (I asked this because after doing some Christmas shopping, buying hay, and paying bills, I HAD a whole $100 left in my account yesterday.   After buying groceries today, I have about $20 left to last until December 15.   Unfortunately, I need to fill up my tank tomorrow evening, and spend about $60 on hay for the next week, as well.  

“Right here!” he announced, waving cash at me.  Bastid.  I need a better-paying job.  Naturally, since my bank account is non-existent at the moment, the farrier called to let me know that he would be here in the morning to trim the mare’s hooves.  Another $40 (that I do not have) down the drain.  As I was agonizing over whether he would cash the check tomorrow or if I maybe had a chance to beat the bad check to the bank, SwampMan, in a long-suffering  tone of voice that hinted that women were a never-ending source of problems for men, asked me why I didn’t just write a check out of the joint account.   I told him I hadn’t considered it, and I suppose I could do it but I hated to because that was his money.   He told me that there wasn’t any “my money” and “your money” in a  marriage, it was all “our money”.                        

Great!  So when I use “our money” this week and next to fill up my ol’ vehicle,  buy hay and feed, groceries, make an insurance payment, and spend enough of “our” money in retail establishments to ensure that the Chinese people will build a shrine in my honor, I don’t expect that he’ll utter so much as a whimper of protest.

He’s also going to eat that damn ham tomorrow night for dinner. I don’t think he’ll be able to afford pizza until he gets paid again.

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