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Off Duty Assistant Police Chief Accosted in Garage By Armed Robbers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A masked teenager with a gun was shot and police are looking for one or two others that were believed to be burglarizing an assistant police chief’s home Saturday night when that officer and his wife came home.

Chief Carson Tranquille was pulling into the garage of his Oceanway home about 11:40 p.m. when two masked intruders approached them and pointed guns in their faces.

“Chief Tranquille, obviously seeing and sensing the immediate danger that he and his wife were in, took immediate action to protect his wife and himself from a potential deadly situation,” Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Rick Graham said Sunday. “Chief Tranquil fired his service weapon at the suspects, who turned and ran in different directions.” Read the rest at

Suppose that had been an off-duty female nurse coming home from a shift at the hospital, if the policeman’s wife had come home late while he was on duty elsewhere, or an unarmed family coming home from grandma’s house? Those people could have been murdered. This teenage thug mentality is way out of hand. The police cannot protect you. Only you can protect you.

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Pedal Combine!

Scale Model Toys has a John Deere 9870STS Pedal Combine in die cast aluminum for ages 3 to 10.

I am so getting that next year. This year is the year of the pedal John Deere tractor. Chickens beware!


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