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Tis the Season For Frenzied Travel

We piled the whole group, kids and grandkids, into my aged van that I used to use to take the kids to their band competitions and 4-H meetings, and headed nawth up into Georgia for a family get together. Why? Well, daughter’s husband was off doing military stuff over the weekend. (Probably because he was notified that another huge family gathering was in the making, and begged for duty over the weekend in question.) Daughter didn’t want to ride by herself with her 2 young sons, so she asked to ride with us. So, I invited son and granddaughter to ride along too since we were gassing up the ol’ van and son has always been a good mechanic.

It might have been a better idea for son to ride along behind us so that he could pick up any parts that fell off the van and give us a lift to the nearest town with a parts store if the van broke down but noooooo, we had the person that we’d probably call for help along with us without his tools or vehicle.

The ol’ van, despite her age and high mileage, performed admirably. SwampMan had the occasional grumpy grumble about how much he would have preferred to ride in his TRUCK. Alone.

My lil’ granddaughter came up to me during the day and exclaimed “I must have 1,000 cousins!” Heh. She hasn’t even been to the multiple day BIG family reunion since she was an infant.

I expect blogging to continue to be light throughout this week as school events continue at a frenetic pace with parties and the end of the 9 weeks grading period. Then of course there is the frantic shopping and baking and decorating and visiting that will continue to occur during non-working hours.

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