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80 Degrees F Ain’t a Good Day for a Pajama Party

Today was Polar Express Day at my elementary school where the children (and school staff!) wore their fleecy pajamas, had a visit with Santa Claus, watched The Polar Express movie and drank hot chocolate before moving on to the serious business of class parties.

It seemed pretty safe to schedule Polar Express Day in December since the last several weeks had seen record cold temperatures and just the week before, we had been shivering with cold on the playground. So, naturally, today was a lovely 80 degree day, not exactly my first choice for the sort of day that I would have picked out for wearing warm fleecy jammies to school.

The kids apparently enjoyed themselves immensely when wearing their pajamas to school, although some of us more mature members were about to frikkin’ pass out from the heat. We happily sang songs which featured snow and sleigh bells, exotic topics for children who have no clue what snow is, while rivulets of perspiration ran down our foreheads.

The kids had such a good time today that they petitioned the principal for permission to have pajama day tomorrow, too. Did I mention that it may be even warmer tomorrow?

So, if a middle-aged woman should happen to walk into a beach side bar tomorrow afternoon dressed in Christmas green fleecy jammies decorated with penguins, snowflakes, and candy canes and wearing a head band with reindeer antlers with jingle bells and demands a cold drink to stave off an imminent heat stroke, just shut up and hand it over.

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