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What Are Advertisers Thinking?

So I’m watching Cool Tools when suddenly an ad for some dumbass style program comes up, gushing about how two Hollyweird slutlets wore the same dress style to a function, and how their program is going to “call” them on it.

Like I give a rat’s ass about anything those people do. I may be going out on a limb here, but I doubt anybody watching Cool Tools is going to immediately start switching channels to get the latest celebrity dish.

I didn’t even know who the hell the people they were talking about were. Or care.

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GE International Wins $300 Million Contract from Australia

Per Jacksonville Business Journal:

JACKSONVILLE — General Electric International Inc. has won a $300 million, 12-year contract to provide F-414 engines to the Australian Defence Force that will eventually be overhauled in Jacksonville.

Woohoo! I know some people that are employed there; this will make them very, very happy.

The Fleet Readiness Center Southeast, one of just six in the U.S., is the largest manufacturer in the Jacksonville area ranked by its 4,047 employees, according to The Business Journal’s 2008 list of manufacturers. Aircraft, aircraft engines and components are manufactured and serviced at the Jacksonville center. About 300 employees work on the engines.

The majority of people in the Jacksonville area, I would venture to say, know very little about this and how much employment it brings to our area.

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RIP, Caylee Anthony

I believe all of us knew what had happened to the beautiful little girl when we found that her mother was out partying while Caylee was “missing” and did not appear to be worried at all about what fate had befallen the toddler. I hoped I was wrong. I hoped that her mother, being tired of motherhood, had merely placed Caylee in a private adoption with people that would love the little girl with the big brown eyes and glowing smile. Perhaps, I thought, money had changed hands, and she was trying to keep that aspect a secret.

Instead, the toddler’s lifeless body was tossed away in a trash bag like yesterday’s garbage. I do not believe that parents on the jury will be inclined to give her mother the benefit of the doubt.

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