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What I Think About Congress and Their Raise

I would like to line them up just so the taxpayers could slap the shit out of them.

‘Course, with the shit slapped out of them, there wouldn’t be anything left.

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Squirrels and Pumpkins

My feed pumpkins have been invaded by lil’ furry tree rats. They’ve been gnawing round squirrel-sized holes into my pumpkins, hollowing out the seeds and middle parts, and otherwise ruining the pumpkins.

I suppose they’re in search of moisture as well as food. It has been so dry that my ryegrass has had spotty germination. Ironically, the acorn and pecan crop failed this year due to TS Fay.

Update: Apparently this is a common problem!

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Florida Unemployment Rate Rises to 7.3%

This is not exactly a surprise, since about 10% of the workforce used to be employed in the construction industries and the big public projects such as electrical power plant construction are being slowed or sidelined by a lack of funding. I’m not even counting the number of people in real estate sales, development, and even the car salespeople that have had to look for different jobs.

The unemployment rate will rise further as the state budget is cut and more people that work in the public sector are fired. No, I don’t mean that people that are in high paying jobs will be cut. Far from it. More school bus drivers, maintenance workers, beginning teachers, aides, and cafeteria workers will be shed from the budget.

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Biden Says Economy in Worse Shape Than He Thought

Since Biden says that the economy is in worse shape than he thought, I believe those are code words for “open your wallet and bend over“.

So, people that work hard, pay taxes, and live in states where their government officials don’t fund every stupid liberal cause that comes along can expect to pay to bail out those states that have high taxes and illegal alien amnesty zones but do not invest in their infrastructure.

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