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Attention: Disgruntled and Gruntled Jacksonville Area Teachers

I am a Jacksonville, FL.-based ex-teacher, ex-test scorer, and local playwright. I am billing my new play as “America’s first anti-standardized-testing play.” It’s a two-act comedy titled “Testing: A Week in the Life of an Ex-Teacher.” It will be performed in Neptune Beach in Jan. & Feb. 2009, on the two weekends just prior to this school year’s FCAT administration.

You can read the play for yourself for free on-line at:

Also, the play has a promotional MySpace page at:

I would appreciate anything that you and your peers would do to get the word out about my play. I have little-to-no advertising budget, and I really want teachers (as well as other disgruntled workers) to know about this play.

Thank you so much for your help in my mildly anarchic endeavor.


Steve Bailey
Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Just bringing this to your attention so you can give Steve some support.

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I Gotta Put the Tree Up Today

I have been putting the tree up for….lemmee see, how long have we been married? Oh, yeah, 31 years….31 years now. I HATE putting up the tree. I thought that once the kids left, I would be tree free forever. Nope. Now the grandkids look at me with big eyes and say “But MeeMaw! You HAVE to have a tree for Santa Claus to leave presents under!”

If I told them “I don’t need a freakin’ tree, Santa Claus and his lil’ elves can just take their a**es out to the pasture and put up new fence for me this Christmas and forget the wrapping paper” then Mommy and Daddy would get all upset.

Maybe I just need to put up a different kind of tree:


I think I’ll dab some glitter on a sheep skull. That should make a great tree topper.

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