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Chicago Tribune on GM and Christopher Dodd

The Chicago Tribune has an interesting article about GM’s problems:

“It’s very ironic that Sen. [Christopher] Dodd [D-Conn.] is the one who called for Rick Wagoner to be removed,” Cole adds. “It was Sen. Dodd who, as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, has said people who couldn’t afford homes should have homes. So he is one of the primary causes of the nation’s banking and financial meltdown.”

I’ve been wondering why nobody is calling those Congressional Bozos to account for their malfeasance. And what, exactly, gives him the moral authority to call for somebody that’s actually working for a living to be fired? I wouldn’t think that accepting monetary contributions/sweetheart deals from those people supposedly being regulated gives him the right to call for anybody, anywhere to be fired.

Term limits, people. And if we could make a law that says something to the effect that those that are making the laws regulating an industry cannot benefit from the industry now or in the future so that we’re not subjected to future disgusting displays like this, I’d appreciate it.

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