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It Wasn’t the Cookies!

My lil’ grandson woke up with a cry Friday evening about midnight, and started ejecting prodigious amounts of vomit into his bedding. Ewwww. Guess who was on vomit patrol?

I told myself that it was likely just overindulgence in cookies and that I, who routinely gets every freakin’ childhood disease that comes along, would be safe. I believed it, too.

Today, when I felt a little “funny”, I attributed it to SwampMan navigating through lots of unpaved roads today. (Note: We can get a little lost with a map but to get really hugely lost, we use a GPS navigation system on unmarked rural dirt roads, some of them private logging roads, that are closed down randomly.) That funny feeling persisted and I skipped dinner.

This evening, as I was dozing through the evening news to keep SwampMan company, my eyes suddenly snapped open. Everything that I had eaten during the last week seemed to want to egress now! I knew I didn’t have time to make it to the nearest bathroom but hoped I’d be able to make it off the porch. Nope.

Poor Odie stood there and watched me vomit on his bed with the look of disgust that only an old dog whose bed is being vomited on can give. He stalked away. I washed the bed down with a hose but he was not impressed as now his bed was wet in addition to being vomited on. Good thing it’s a warm evening.

I think I’m going to get the stink eye from Odie until I buy him a new bed.

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