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Jamie Lee Curtis Gives Us Po’ Folks Reasons to Enjoy Our Poverty

Without further ado, here are some of Jamie Lee Curtis’ tips for how we should all just lose some weight and move in together:

What I do know is that we are fat. Obese. See WALL-E. That is the future. We have fat lifestyles, fat habits, fat minds and arteries. Last week, Obama said that it was going to get worse but that we would emerge, leaner and meaner..I don’t think lean is mean…it just rhymes. Lean is healthy. Most of us eat too much, super sized lives and meals. My four words to a better life, brand new, self-help/beauty/how-to book is being published right here on the Huffington Post, downloadable for free — right here, right now.

Eat Less, Move More.

What this crisis is going to do is bring us into financial alignment. Families may have to live together again! What a concept. Grandparents will live with their grown children and help raise their grandchildren — even at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Neighbors are going to meal share and carpool and child care for each other and maybe even rent out parts of homes to other families. Less meat, more beans. Might be better for you anyway. Less indoor gym workouts and more walking, more park time, more family outdoor time.

Obama promised change. Change comes from truth, Jung said, “only that which changes, remains true.” but as Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, “you can’t handle the truth!” Can you? Can you handle the change? You can if you understand that you are not alone, but that we can handle anything together.

Okay, everybody, you heard the lady. Time to pull Grandma and Grandpa (or Great Grandma and Grandpa) out of that retirement housing development in Florida, move them in with you, and live together just like the Waltons! While I welcome the idea of living with my parents and in-laws both, SwampMan’s opinions may vary.

All those cozy ideas of several generations living together peacefully under one roof happily raising the children together (and of course there will be no disagreement on how children should be raised) in a tranquil environment (while eating beans) is best left to the vivid imaginations of those who have always been wealthy and have never actually had to live in a household where you had to swallow your pride and run home to momma with husband and kids in tow.

I’m sure that she has a sufficiently large house that she wouldn’t even notice if an extra 10 or 20 people moved in. My house is a bit smaller than that. While I do have the kids’ small bedrooms (now being used for hobbies), they were barely sufficient for teenagers. I don’t think a family of 4 or 5 would be very happy in there.

My mom had to go home to live several times because of an alcoholic husband being between jobs. It wasn’t pretty. Grandma despised that stepdad, and rightly so. It didn’t make for the best family discussions over the dinner table.

I knew a lot of overweight people on the Rez whose diets consisted of beans and rice, so I don’t think that eating beans is going to help out anybody’s weight problem all that much.

H/T Paco.

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