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Happy New Year!


I found this lovely picture of fireworks over the Main street bridge, along with many other equally lovely photos, from Luv2Run on Wunderground.

Have a wonderful New Year and, if you’re out celebrating, please drive carefully.

I’m thinking some nice mulled wine might be nice. It has turned chilly this evening.


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Save Us From Economic Idiots

First Coast News has a story about the minimum wage rising by $.42 an hour effective Thursday:

Supporters say the increase is desperately needed because Florida has the highest rate of job losses in the country and 10 percent of all Floridians are on food stamps.

Talk about your non sequitur! WTF?

So, because Florida has the “highest rate of job losses” in the nation, Florida should raise the minimum wage so that even less people will work? The minimum wage should be higher because we want employers that may be thinking about adding entry level positions to say “screw that! I can’t afford to pay around $10 per hour for this position!” and either let it go unfilled or pay an illegal under the table?

How did I jump from $7.21 an hour to $10? Simple. Social security, workmen’s comp, and benefits, if the minimum wage job has any.

Exactly how does an increase of $.42 per hour ($3.36 per day for an 8-hour day, $16.80 per week, before taxes and social security) translate into removing the 10% of Floridians receiving food stamps off of food stamps? If somebody figures out the answer, please let me know.

A minimum wage job was not intended for being the sole support of a family. A minimum wage job is for students, parents that want to earn a little extra for their families with a second, undemanding job, or for seniors that cannot earn too much money or risk losing their pension.

It is a way to learn job skills so that the employed person can move up into positions of more responsibility at the present job, or it will provide good job references if they decide to move on to a higher paying position at another firm.

Economic ignorance is going to ensure that unemployed young people are going to continue to be unemployed.

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