Finally, Something to Help My Plantar Fasciitis.

As y’all know, I’ve been suffering excrutiating pain from plantar fasciitis, probably caused by a combination of very high arches combined with a walking and jogging regimen of 4 to 6 miles daily in an attempt to keep middle-aged weight gain under control. It had gotten to be so bad that I was limping through life when previously I had been bounding. My house, yard, and pastures have not been as well cared for, for it is hard to take good care of property when every step brings stabbing pain.

Oral steroids brought (very) temporary pain relief. I felt great when I was taking them! The stretching tips I got from the podiatrist didn’t really help. The night splint helped a little. I got custom arch supports and hoped that those, along with taking the diclofenac, would effect a miracle. It did–as long as I was taking the diclofenac, but then I had to cut the dosage due to GI complaints. After the now once daily dose wore off, the pain would be back with crippling intensity. I couldn’t even contemplate having an operation for the heel spurs. I simply cannot be incapacitated for that much time.

Exacerbating the problem, to be sure, was that my weight was not creeping up but leaping up. Cessation of aerobic exercise along with eating for comfort was a bad combination. I put on 25 lbs. in a year.

I checked out the book “The Permanent Pain Cure” by Ming Chew, PT, from the library. Although the stretches that I had done previously were ineffective, I was willing to try just about anything.

I have a confession to make about the book. He wants people to cut down the sugar. Way down. I need my southern sweet tea, people. I do not like mother-in-law tea, so called because you have to imagine there might be sweetness in there somewhere. The kind of tea that I like could be poured on pancakes if syrup wasn’t available. So, I haven’t done all of the dietary reforms suggested, except that I am taking fish oil for the anti-inflammatory properties. I also started eating wild salmon again, this time for breakfast. I haven’t given up all fried foods, but I’ve been frying using olive oil. I haven’t taken the “systemic enzymes” because I have a tendency to bruise easily. (You should see the sheep hoof marks on my legs! I didn’t even feel those yesterday. Isn’t it wonderful how a smashed finger can redirect your thoughts?) They (systemic enzymes) are supposed to be blood thinners, but I figure my blood is already thin enough, particularly with the fish oil supplementation. I am drinking more water and my sweet tea is limited to one large glass per day.

I stopped taking diclofenac for pain/inflammation and started using the stretches to manage and control the pain, although I confess that I still have a few diclofenac “just in case”. Even though I am not yet doing all of the stretches recommended (time constraints in the morning!) and all of the dietary recommendations, I have gotten sufficient pain relief that I have been diclofenac free all this week.

I was sufficiently enamored with the book that SwampMan bought me my own copy so that I would quit monopolizing the library’s copy.

With my imperfect adherence to the book’s recommendations, I would still estimate that my pain is about 50% less than before I began the exercises and dietary (such as they are) modifications. It may not sound like much, but in a couple of weeks’ worth of stretching, I have managed to reduce the severe, unremitting pain that has made my life miserable for over a year! I am astounded.

Will the pain continue to diminish if I continue to stretch and wear my arch supports? I certainly hope so. Will I ever be able to go back to jogging or walking 6 miles daily? At this point, I just do not know.

If you have muscle and joint pain and don’t believe too much in physical therapy (or, like me, haven’t had much success with the exercise sheet handed out by the podiatrist), then I recommend that you check out the book and give it a trial run before committing to a book purchase. While I have used the book exclusively for relief from plantar fasciitis, there are numerous joint and muscle pain problems listed along with physical therapy remedies.


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    Ming Chew said,

    Hi folks…I’m Ming Chew author of “The Permanent Pain Cure”….glad I could be of service to the person with plantar fasciaitis. I’ve been getting alot of email from all over the world telling me about the positive results from using stuff from book. I sincerely believe that most injuries can be at least improved or entirely fixed without use of meds or surgery. Give it an honest try for 2-3 weeks and see what happens. You are your own best therapist!

    Ming Chew PT

    • 2

      dee newman said,

      Hi I have been diagnosed with PF.
      It is not in my heels at all.Is there anything I can do besides acupuncture to get me through a wedding in one week?

  2. 3

    Ming Chew said,

    Check out and in case anyone needs more information on my book or therapy.

    Ming Chew PT

  3. 4

    kcduffy said,

    I may have to check this out, Swampie. Four motorcycle wrecks (busted my back at least twice) & other assorted physical traumas (I was a fighter, not a lover…& I worked in construction & a bottling plant) – not to mention plain ol ordinary arthritis – have made me a walking pain…which sometimes makes me a walking pain in the ass. Feet, fingers, shoulders, neck, hips…

    My hubby learned Thai yoga massage (stretching & pressure) on his last deployment & I was the beneficiary of that for the time we were in Hawai’i – NO symptoms while getting at least one treatment per week – but not enough space in Maryland, & now not enough time (takes a chunk of about 2 hours).

    Like you, I don’t see giving up my closest addiction (Coca Cola & sweet tea) but I can cut down, that’s for sure. At LEAST long enough to see if it helps. NEVER did jogging or running, but I did a lot of walking for awhile. I hate going to the gym because there are other people there…& I have to get up & go, which is tough to do when I am tired & in pain. I used to do a simple yoga routine, & will begin that again this evening, now that I’ve been reminded… Luckily, being Grandma Daycare keeps me active, for the most part – haven’t turned into a sofa slug.

    TIME! Yeah, talked myself right into it, I gotta see about getting this book. Stretching seems to be the answer I may have been looking for. Thanks very much!

  4. 5

    swampie said,

    Hey, you can check out the book from the Jacksonville library and give it a try. If it works, you’ll want to buy it for frequent reference.

  5. 6

    Robert D said,

    I’ll pass those links to Mrs. D. They’ve stopped treating her back, now it’s just pills and pain.

  6. 7

    swampie said,

    Well, curtailing my activity, taking steroids and anti-inflammatory medication, and having (expensive!) arch supports didn’t help me nearly as much as the stretches, fish oil, wild salmon, and lots of water (I do kinda miss sleeping through the night without having to get up at 2 a.m. to pee, I have to say). Maybe there’s such a thing as TOO MUCH water.

    There are recommended supplements as well as drinking plenty of water in preparation for the program first (preparation period about 10 days), then gentle stretching exercises, and finally strength training. The pain scale ranges from 0 for no pain, to 10 for severe, excrutiating, debilitating pain. Strength training begins when pain is down to a 1, or a ghost of the pain. I’m not down to level 1 as yet so that I can begin strength training. I have hopes for the next couple of weeks.

  7. 8

    […] Finally, Something to Help My Plantar Fasciitis As y’all know, I’ve been suffering excrutiating pain from plantar fasciitis, probably caused by a combination of very high arches combined with a walking and jogging regimen of 4 to 6 miles daily in an attempt to keep […]   […]

  8. 9

    Good post. You can also check out the New Balance shoes section for people with plantar fasciitis. They have a large amount of shoes that are specially designed and also offer an insert to make it more comfortable.

  9. 10

    james said,

    From chronic severe PF sufferer and become an acupuncturist (China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences)

    Many years back I had suffered severe PF, tried all medical help had failed, my last option is surgery (luckily avoided).

    Taken an acupuncturist friend’s advise, I had go on his Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture treatments, which did improve with less pain but not cure.

    He had gave me couple of needles for self continues the treatments. following the given TCM AcuPoints treatments don’t seem to be any better.

    So I did a little acupuncture researched and select my own prescription Acupionts to continue the treatments, with a few weekly treatment, my PF had cured.

    After 3 years and hard physical works (2009). PF at same foot back again.

    I had to start all over again to trace back how did I had the first PF cured. trials and errors and all had recorded down.

    Along the acupuncture treatments, I have developed a more scientific and least invasive form of TCM acupuncture with 1 very fine needle, painless insertion techniques called E²(EE) acupuncture.

    Now can cure any reachable skeletal muscle pain with fast and effective heals, start from 1 E² and cure in 4 weeks. depend individual conditions.

    Since last 6 months E² have cured
    2 sore foot (plantar fasciitis), 3 treatments, cured
    1 knee muslce, 1 treatment, cured

    1 sciatica double spots pain, great outcomes after 12 days by 1 treatment, ongoing.
    Sufferer: nurse, 3 years of very pain, weak and tire, numbness
    Feed back: “Been feeling the slight tenderness in the area where the needle
    were inserted. Felt my legs is tired but not the numbness.”

    Cured by TCM Acupuncture but took many treatments and 3 -12 months
    3 sore backs. cured
    1 sore foot(plantar fasciitis), cured.

    And many others etc, ….

    Cost of acupuncture cure is so much less then a pair of PF shoes.


  10. 11

    James Chong said,

    Sciatica update (loc: buttock & 5 inches down, 2 spots).
    treated on 30th/10/2011.
    12 days after and feedback:

    “Been feeling the slight tenderness in the area where the needle were inserted. Felt my legs is tired but not the numbness.” (50% pain relief, 100% no numbness)

    5 weeks Later (email on 4th/11/2011):
    “Seems to be fine, slight tenderness but definitely better than before”
    (now 90% cured.)

    check/click on my site
    more help there
    why pain relief if it can be cured.


  11. 12

    danimal said,

    don’t understand why you choose to run so much as a way of maintaining or cutting weight. obviously it’s causing pain. The best practitioners in the world (paul chek, charles poliquin, etc) have very good articles summarizing why running (aerobics in general) is a poor way for body recomposition, and why weight lifting and eating well are more important. Most girls are afraid of lifting weights but Don’t let the freakish pictures of bodybuilders throw you off, the articles will explain why you would NEVER get that big. also check out PACE by Al Sears….

    another resource
    what can good food do for you? abbage

    * “I have slept less than 5 hours per night…for 2 continuous years, on purpose, because I am busy.
    * My grand total exercise in the last 2 years is 4 soft yoga classes…, plus two five-minute kettelbell swing sessions…That’s it.
    * I have eaten between 4,000 and 4,500 CALORIES per day on average ofThe Bulletproof Diet for 2 years
    * I used to weigh 300 lbs when I was obese”

    good luck!

  12. 13

    Richards said,

    I hat terrible plantar fasciitis 20 yr ago. I discovered that it was due to nutria sweet and things sweetened with it. It was also aggravated by tea, a d artificially sweetened things such as lo fat yogurt with artificial sweeteners. It takes 1 to 2 weeks for th pain to subside once you quit. You can wait a month and start them back up to test the theory. Good luck. Richard

  13. 14

    Sara said,

    Hey, great tips! I google searched plantar fasciitis tips, and lo and behold if I didn’t come across a “neighbor’s” page (I live in St Augustine). I’m a PF sufferer at the moment and have tried everything. I just dropped $300 on a few pairs of Orthaheel shoes, and that’s helped, but I’m always looking for other relief. Thanks for your page!

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