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Rosa Guest Blogs on Iowahawk

Hilarious, as usual.


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35-Year-Old Indonesian Woman Hospitalized for Suspected H5N1 Infection

From the Jakarta Post:

JAKARTA: A 35-year-old West Javanese woman is being treated at the Gunung Jati Hospital in Cirebon for suspected bird flu, Antara news agency reported Friday.

Ela, a resident from Suka Imut village in Kuningan, West Java, was transferred to the hospital Thursday night from a local hospital and was immediately placed in the bird flu isolation unit.

Gunung Jati Hospital spokesperson Haris said Friday that Ela had been given Tamiflu, an anti-influenza drug.

Haris said the hospital sent a sample of the patient’s blood to be examined by the Health Ministry in Jakarta.

According to Yudi, Ela’s neighbor who took her to the hospital, she came down with a high fever after four of her chickens died. -JP

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Florida Workmen Kill Attacking Bobcat with Hammer

Read all about it here. The ranch’s workmen’s compensation rates are gonna go up!

Maybe the bobcat just felt like having Mexican food for lunch.

If you encounter an aggressive bobcat, Ferraro said, the best thing to do is make noise to shoo the cat away or shine a flashlight at it if it is nighttime.

Hunh. Well, screaming in pain didn’t work to drive the bobcat away, but the whacking it repeatedly with a hammer was effective.

I think I’ll stick with the hammer.

Here’s Jerry Clower’s coon huntin’ story with the lynx.

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U.S. Raids Contractors Aided by Murtha

Per the Wall Street Journal:

Federal agents raided two small Pennsylvania defense contractors that were given millions of dollars in federal funding by Rep. John Murtha, chairman of the defense appropriations committee and one of the most powerful men in Congress.

Kuchera Industries and Kuchera Defense Systems shut down for the day after the raid by officers from the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and an Internal Revenue Service criminal unit.

In a statement Thursday night, the Pittsburgh U.S. attorney confirmed that offices in Windber, Johnstown and Summerhill were raided “as part of an ongoing investigation.” A second federal official said that ties to lawmakers would be examined as part of the probe.

Strangely enough, this was never mentioned on the evening news program or in the area large newspaper by the people that get paid to bring us the news. Perhaps Democratic corruption isn’t actually news but a given?

So, read about it if you prefer your news unfiltered by the people that decide that you do not need to know about additional evidence of a corrupt congressman if he belongs to the Democrat party.

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Obama Administration to Screw Small Business, So What Else is New?

This is an excellent article from Pajamas Media that I highly recommend reading:

If small businesses are the economic engine that creates jobs, builds wealth, and makes the American dream possible, then naturally our new president plans to support and rely upon them and give them everything they need to pull us out of the economic slump, right? Well, no.

Small businesses are facing the most hostile climate in a generation, and it is not just the slumping economy and credit crunch. With the quiet scrapping of the $3,000 job creation tax credit — which was “never set in stone” according to a senior Obama adviser – there is no more small business tax relief on the horizon. (Clearly, campaign pledges are only valid if chiseled into tablets, Ten Commandments-style.)

Instead, American small businesses face not only tax increases on individual income, dividend income, and capital gains as the 2003 tax cuts expire, but new environmental fees and regulations, health care “pay or play” mandates, and a significant expansion of new “rights” for workers that may well include compulsory unionization. The entrepreneurs we are counting on for future economic growth have only higher expenses and reduced flexibility and opportunities to look forward to.

How dare those peasants like Joe the Plumber (who doesn’t even have an Ivy League education, by the way) aspire to wealth and not keep to their proper places at the bottom of society?

Every business owner I know has been rapidly downsizing in order to prepare for the crushing tax burden.

If you are among the newly unemployed, I highly recommend starting your own business, preferably something that you can do on a cash basis and hide your income. Obama’s appointees don’t bother to pay their taxes, why should you?

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Only 3% of the Stimulus Package Goes For Roads and Bridges

That huge porkfest stimulus package is “to fix the crumbling infrastructure”. Probably for the children. Except that it isn’t. Of course, white men needn’t apply for the jobs anyway.

Read all about it here.

Remember, your Senate, Congress, and President would put used car salesmen to shame and send them back to obfuscating 101.

Every time I hear the sad old mantra “crumbling infrastructure”, I want to heave. WHAT crumbling infrastructure? Show me crumbling infrastructure, and I’ll show you piss poor government. Piss poor government with Democrats in charge as well as an onerous tax burden purportedly to fix the infrastructure. Right.

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31-Year-Old Xinjiang Woman Dies From H5N1 Virus

Per AFP:

BEIJING (AFP) — A 31-year-old Chinese woman has died of bird flu, becoming the country’s fourth victim of the disease this year, the state Xinhua news agency said on Saturday.

The woman fell ill on January 10 after visiting a poultry market and died early on Friday in northwest China’s Xinjiang region, Xinhua said, citing local health authorities.

Tests confirmed she was suffering from the deadly H5N1 strain of the virus, it said.

The woman was China’s third avian flu victim in seven days — a 16-year-old boy died on Tuesday in the central province of Hunan and a 27-year-old woman succumbed to the disease last Saturday in the eastern province of Shandong.

The first fatality of 2009 occurred on January 5 when a 19-year-old woman died in Beijing, while a two-year-old girl who fell critically ill with the disease in Shandong was on Friday said to be out of danger.

The latest cases have prompted fears of a bird flu outbreak during next week’s Lunar New Year holiday, when many of China’s 1.3 billion people hit the roads and consume poultry in vast quantities.

China’s agriculture ministry warned earlier this week of an increased risk as poultry sales rose ahead of the holiday period.

But the health ministry sought to calm fears, noting that the recent cases were spread across the country.

“There is no epidemiological connection between them; they are sporadic cases,” the ministry said in a statement.

Uh, health ministry, if you have people simultaneously becoming ill and dying in different areas of your country from the same disease and you haven’t identified any outbreaks in your poultry flocks that could be the source of infection, you have a problem. A HUGE problem.

From the Hindu News Service:

A 2-year-old girl sickened with bird flu remained hospitalized in the country’s north. Her mother, who like the toddler was also exposed to live poultry, died from pneumonia earlier this month, but health officials say they cannot confirm that she had been infected with H5N1. (Editor’s Note: This would appear to me to be one of those “no shit, Sherlock” moments.” I wonder how many people are dying that aren’t being/haven’t been checked?

The Agriculture Ministry has ordered increased monitoring and management of live poultry markets, especially before next week’s Lunar New Year holiday, when people come into more contact with chickens and ducks when preparing celebratory meals.

The Health Ministry said on Wednesday that there was no evidence of a large-scale outbreak of bird flu despite the new cases. It said the illnesses were isolated, unrelated and did not show significant mutations of the H5N1 virus. (Editor’s note: Well, guess that those people in the prime of their lives just spontaneously isolatedly and unrelatedly died. I’m all reassured now.)
They also occurred during the cold months, which experts have determined are high season for infections, it said. Well, yeah. Flu LOVES global cooling.

According to the World Health Organization, bird flu has killed 249 people worldwide since 2003.

No sick poultry has been found in the areas where the four Chinese fell ill this year, despite officials inspecting hundreds of thousands of birds. This could mean that surveillance needs to be tightened or that poultry may be carrying the virus but not showing symptoms or falling sick. Vaccinations also reduce the amount of virus circulating, but low levels of H5N1 may still be causing outbreaks without the obvious signs of dying birds.

The WHO has said that the lack of reports of poultry outbreaks raised questions about the strength of China’s monitoring system. (Gosh, ya think? Could there possibly be corrupt officials on the take in a great Commie government?)

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