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White House Counselor Greg Craig Defended Terrorists that Killed U.S. Soldiers and Worked With Fidel to Return Elian to Cuba

Read all about it at National Review Online.

So the new White House counsel is a man that sided with a terrorist that murdered U.S. soldiers. If you are currently serving or are former military, you need to think carefully about the Obamanation in the White House.

American prosecutors have long wanted to put González behind bars; the nearly 17-year-old murder charge stands today. But in addition to his family in Panama, González has at least one very well-connected, very influential advocate in the United States: Gregory Craig, the man Barack Obama chose to be the next White House counsel. Craig’s representation of an American soldier’s killer drew scant notice during the 2008 campaign, when Craig was a top Obama adviser. It has drawn little attention since Obama named him White House counsel. And it will probably remain relatively unnoticed as the spotlight focuses on the Obama administration’s economic plan, on the Middle East, and on Iraq.

Basically, the press isn’t going to report on it, and he doesn’t expect you to notice.


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China Reports Another Bird Flu Case

BEIJING (Reuters) – A man in the southwestern Chinese province of Guizhou has been infected with bird flu and is in a critical condition in hospital, the Health Ministry said on Sunday.

It is the sixth human case of bird flu to be reported in China this year. The Chinese Health Ministry said on its website ( the latest victim was a 29-year-old man surnamed Zhou who fell sick on January 15.

In recent weeks four people have died of bird flu in China.

Per the AP, the bird flu incidents are distributed as follows:

A woman in China’s far west died Friday from bird flu, the fourth death this month, just as millions of people are on the move to return home for the traditional Lunar New Year.

A woman in eastern China, a teenage boy in southwest China and a woman in Beijing also have died from the disease this month.

Add to that distribution list the toddler from Shanxi province, now recovering, and her mother, who died before the toddler was taken ill from “pneumonia” but who was not tested. I believe that this woman also died from H5N1.

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