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Jake and Sam


This is 4-month-old Sam and 4-year-old Jacob. It’s cold, windy, and muddy here in NE Florida. We’re ready for spring!

I should have had some lamb pictures to post, but I was busy feeding chickens, horse, ducks, rams, trip to the feed store for more hay, checking ewes, checking to make sure all the lambs were okay, feeding ewes, carrying hay to ewes, feeding and exercising Sam and Odie along with reinforcing some basic voice and hand commands, feeding cats, and feeding goldfish until 7:30 p.m., then it was time to feed us.

I seem to have come down with another nasty cough that has been going around the school. Just what I needed! The warm/cold/warm/cold weather cycling does not help AT ALL. Being up most of the night to check lambs in the rain and then going to work the next day couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it, would it?

Uh, no, Sam’s tail isn’t docked; he’s just wagging it wildly as he thinks about whether jumping up on Jacob is forbidden, and I happened to catch it mid wag.

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