Well, Dang.

I industriously vacuumed up all the hay, dead leaves, and assorted debris that I had tracked into the house the last couple of days. I was really pretty happy until I realized that I forgot to carry hay to the ewe barn tonight. I gotta go back out and when I come in, I’m gonna be covered in hay, leaves, and assorted manure.

This housecleaning thing just isn’t working out for me.

Double dang. It’s nearly 11 p.m., 25 degrees and dropping, and one of the elderly ewes appears to be in labor. ‘Nother one of those sleepless nights for both myself AND the sheep as I trudge outside, hacking, in order to make the ewe’s night as miserable as mine. Seriously, the ewe is not in as good condition as I would like. I’m not sure whether she will be able to clean and feed the lamb(s) quickly enough to prevent hypothermia and death.

I have to be up getting ready for work in 6 hours.

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