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Al Gore Shooting Off His Mouth Again

From Business&

“There are some things about our world that you know that older people don’t know,” Gore continued. “Why would that be? Well, in a period of rapid change, the old assumptions sometimes just don’t work anymore because they’re out of date. New knowledge, new understandings are much more widely available, sometimes to young people who are in school who aren’t weighed down with the old flawed assumptions of the past.”

Gore also pointed to Galileo’s discovery of the earth revolving around the sun, as opposed to vice versa, as one of these new ideas that was accepted by younger people challenging conventional wisdom. According to the former vice president, these new ideas and ways of thinking would be instrumental in tackling three biggest threats he said that were facing our country – the economic crisis, the national security crisis and his pet issue – the climate crisis.

“The third crisis is one I talk about a lot – the climate crisis, global warming,” Gore continued. “What’s that all about? Most of you know what it’s all about, so I’m not going to dwell on it. But basically, because we’ve been relying so heavily on oil and coal, we’ve been burning larger and larger amounts of it in ways that pollute the atmosphere – not just of a city, not just of a region, but the entire world. And carbon dioxide, CO2, the principle global warming pollution, is different from the kind of pollution we’re used to thinking about.”

Gore reiterated that the old ideas of another generation must give way to those of a younger generation, and the issue of global warming was no exception.

“Today, Jan. 19, 2009 – we will put 70 million tons of this global warming pollution into the atmosphere,” he continued. “A lot of people think it’s OK. They go outside, they look up at the sky. The sky seems like a huge place. How could we possibly have any impact on it? Just like they used to go out on the ground and look at the sun rise in the East and set in the West and conclude that the sun went around the earth – they were wrong then, and anybody who thinks it is OK to put all this pollution up there is wrong today. We have to change it.”

“The entire North Polar Ice Cap is melting,” Gore continued. “The sea level is rising, the storms are getting stronger. You know the story. It has to be dealt with and you have to help us deal with it because you – you’re not encumbered with these old assumptions that it’s OK to put all the pollution up there.

I suppose those environmental talking points may have convinced some of the more credulous 12-year-old kids, but I suspect there were many rolling their eyes.

Here’s a news flash for Al: He’s telling kids whose parents are likely in their 30s (about half his age) that their parents are too old and out of touch. How dumb is that?

Oh, no! Another Global Warming™ melting victim! Dorothy threw a bucket of melted North Polar Ice Cap on her, and just look what happened. Tsk tsk.

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Why the Hurry?

I went looking for a work truck a few years ago. I didn’t want fancy carpeting, a pimped out paint job, or a killer sound system. I just wanted a truck that was going to get me from point A to point B pulling a payload in as efficient manner as possible. I didn’t care about comfort; after all, it was transportation, not my residence. I wanted a stick shift for pulling loads and fuel economy.

I went to a dealership to look at trucks. I explained what I wanted to the car salesman that offered to “help” me. He steered me toward a vehicle with a luxury interior, automatic everything, great sound system, fancy rims, a fancy paint job, and told me that there were several people looking at this baby and I had to act IMMEDIATELY or it wouldn’t be available.

My husband was impressed with the sales pitch. He looked at me to see when I was going to whip out my checkbook. I told the man that he hadn’t listened to anything I asked for, that I wanted transportation for work, not a toy to impress idiots that judged people by their paint job, and I was going to have to pass on that offer. A half hour later, I wrote out a check to a salesman at a dealership down the street that showed me exactly what I was looking for, a work truck.

I get the feeling that Obama and his Merry Band of Prostitutes (hey, they’ve been in bed with every special interest group that exists and well paid for it, too) in the Senate and Congress do not want the public to have a moment to look over that pig of a bill and say “Hey, wait a minute….this isn’t what we wanted”.

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Chinese Ministry of Agriculture Claims No Reported Poultry H5N1 Outbreaks

Per China Daily:

There have been no reports of bird flu outbreak among poultry since January in the provinces where eight human infections were found, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said Thursday.

“There is no epidemic outbreak of the H5N1 strain of avian influenza in the seven provinces where the human bird flu cases were identified,” it said in a statement to China Daily.

The conclusion was arrived at based on research of the overall epidemiological situation and investigations conducted last month, the ministry said.

The statement was made in response to remarks by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on possible bird flu outbreaks among poultry in China.

Eight human bird flu cases have been reported in the country in January, the most in a single month since 2003 when the lethal virus was first detected in humans, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Five people have died.

“The human cases show the virus must be circulating among birds,” Vincent Martin, a senior technical advisor on avian flu for the FAO, told Bloomberg.

He said the FAO had received no reports of bird flu cases among poultry from MOA since December.

“There must be some cases which have not been reported,” Martin said. “It’s not normal that we don’t receive any confirmation or any reports of outbreaks in poultry.”

Dr Hans Troedsson, WHO Representative in China, also expressed concern.

“The fact that this is the highest number (of human infections) for a single month in China reminds us that the virus is entrenched and circulating in the environment,” he said.

The MOA said it has kept international organizations including the World Organization for Animal Health and the FAO updated about the bird flu situation in China.

Experts from the ministry said the existence of the bird flu virus does not necessarily mean an outbreak among poultry.

Of the 37 human cases reported in China since 2005, only 4 were linked to poultry outbreaks, the MOA said.

“It is quite common that not all human cases are interlinked with animal cases,” the statement said.

The ministry also denied any bird flu cases in Guangdong province.

Three of 12 dead birds found on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island tested positive for the strain, stoking concerns the virus is circulating widely among birds in southern Guangdong, which borders Hong Kong.

Shu Yuelong, director of the Chinese National Influenza Centre with the Ministry of Health, said human bird flu cases will continue to rise.

International health officials have been monitoring H5N1 for more than a decade for signs it could mutate into a form that is easily spread between humans.

H5N1 has infected at least 404 people in 15 countries since 2003, killing 63 percent of them, according to the WHO. Of the 38 confirmed cases in China since 2003, 25 have been fatal.

Well, the people that died damn sure got the disease from somewhere. Perhaps relying on the Ministry of Agriculture to report bird flu would be like relying on Democrats that sing the praises of higher tax rates for the proletariat to actually pay their own taxes.

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