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Conversation At the Feed Store

The people who frequent the feed store are a mixed bunch from all socioeconomic levels. Some are there to pick up a few rolls of hay for the livestock because this combination of cold and drought means that the knee deep pastures of ryegrass and clover aren’t happening this year. Others are there to pick up feed for their pedigreed horses, or their hunting dawgs.

What people appeared to agree on was that things will get a lot worse, that it will be caused by governmental interference with the market, and that the only thing the “stimulus package” will stimulate will be the government, probably the very people that engineered this crisis to get Obama elected to begin with.

As for my thoughts, the idea that digging an enormous crater of ever deeper debt while simultaneously strangling energy production, business, and taxpayers will somehow create better economic times is ludicrous.

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Iowahawk Reports on Those Continuing Obama Cabinet Pick Problems

Iowahawk has a great parody for the reason some were rejected.

Or is it parody?

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First Beneficiaries of “Stimulus Package”: Bureaucrats!

5 Unless other provision is made in this Act (or in other
6 applicable law) for such expenses, up to 0.5 percent of
7 each amount appropriated in this Act may be used for the
8 expenses of management and oversight of the programs,
9 grants, and activities funded by such appropriation, and
10 may be transferred by the head of the Federal department
11 or agency involved to any other appropriate account within
12 the department or agency for that purpose. Funds set
13 aside under this section shall remain available for obliga14
tion until September 30, 2012.
16 In addition to funds otherwise made available in this
17 Act, there are hereby appropriated the following sums to
18 the specified Offices of Inspector General, to remain avail19
able until September 30, 2013, for oversight and audit of
20 programs, grants, and projects funded under this Act:
21 (1) ‘‘Department of Agriculture—Office of In22
spector General’’, $22,500,000.
23 (2) ‘‘Department of Commerce—Office of In24
spector General’’, $10,000,000.
•HR 1 EH
1 (3) ‘‘Department of Defense—Office of the In2
spector General’’, $15,000,000.
3 (4) ‘‘Department of Education—Departmental
4 Management—Office of the Inspector General’’,
5 $14,000,000.
6 (5) ‘‘Department of Energy—Office of Inspec7
tor General’’, $15,000,000.
8 (6) ‘‘Department of Health and Human Serv9
ices—Office of the Secretary—Office of Inspector
10 General’’, $19,000,000.
11 (7) ‘‘Department of Homeland Security—Office
12 of Inspector General’’, $2,000,000.
13 (8) ‘‘Department of Housing and Urban Devel14
opment—Management and Administration—Office
15 of Inspector General’’, $15,000,000.
16 (9) ‘‘Department of the Interior—Office of In17
spector General’’, $15,000,000.
18 (10) ‘‘Department of Justice—Office of Inspec19
tor General’’, $2,000,000.
20 (11) ‘‘Department of Labor—Departmental
21 Management—Office of Inspector General’’,
22 $6,000,000.
23 (12) ‘‘Department of Transportation—Office of
24 Inspector General’’, $20,000,000.
•HR 1 EH
1 (13) ‘‘Department of Veterans Affairs—Office
2 of Inspector General’’, $1,000,000.
3 (14) ‘‘Environmental Protection Agency—Office
4 of Inspector General’’, $20,000,000.
5 (15) ‘‘General Services Administration—Gen6
eral Activities—Office of Inspector General’’,
7 $15,000,000.
8 (16) ‘‘National Aeronautics and Space Adminis9
tration—Office of Inspector General’’, $2,000,000.
10 (17) ‘‘National Science Foundation—Office of
11 Inspector General’’, $2,000,000.
12 (18) ‘‘Small Business Administration—Office of
13 Inspector General’’, $10,000,000.
14 (19) ‘‘Social Security Administration—Office of
15 Inspector General’’, $2,000,000.
16 (20) ‘‘Corporation for National and Community
17 Service—Office of Inspector General’’, $1,000,000.
20 There is hereby appropriated as an additional amount
21 for ‘‘Government Accountability Office—Salaries and Ex22
penses’’ $25,000,000, for oversight activities relating to
23 this Act.

Yep, there’s gonna be a lot of slop in the trough for the piggies feeding at Uncle Sugar’s Pork Farm.

Here’s the version passed by the House.

Here is the Senate working version, probably to be amended again.

Don’t listen to what the news programs (remember, most of those anchors got their positions because of how photogenic they are, not for their intellect), the President, various drool-covered politicians, or bloggers tell you about the bill. Read it for yourself and form your own opinion. That way, you’ll be WAY ahead of the people that passed it. You don’t think they actually read it, do you?

My opinion of the bill?

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JSO Kills Two More Today

An “alleged” (female) armed robber and carjacker, as well as a man who “allegedly” had the extreme bad judgment to hold up two undercover JSO officers and then fire a shot at them while fleeing.

The JSO is certainly doing their part to reduce the cost of incarcerating (alleged) criminals.

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