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Afternoon in the Barnyard



I have a bantam hen that hatched out her precious egg today–that happened to have originated with a muscovy duck. I don’t know what happened with her nest of eggs–maybe a rat got into them, or a possum. Whatever happened, she only had the one egg left.

Another duck, a grieving mother whose ducklings hatched out and died during the cold snap last week, decided that the bantam had stolen her precious duckling and wanted it BACK. The bantam whooped up on that duck that was twice her size. The duckling, of course, considers the hen to be momma.

There have been ducks who have tried to raise chicks that they hatched but unfortunately, this doesn’t work out so well because inevitably the ducks will go for a swim and call the chicks in to swim as well. *sigh* Unfortunately, the duckling will be larger than the hen before she loses her down, so momma won’t be able to keep her warm enough at night. Hopefully we won’t have more cold snaps, or else I might have to have a duck in the house.

I took photos of proud momma and her “chickling” today, but I have to be up in a few hours and haven’t even cleaned up the dirty kitchen after cooking dinner tonight. I still have to feed the horse, too. So, I just posted a few more pictures from yesterday instead of finding the camera, transferring pictures to computer, then transferring pictures to blog.

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