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What Kind of Moron Approves a Bill That They Haven’t Even READ?

Oh, that would be our drooling Congress and Senators. I’m probably giving them the benefit of the doubt by assuming they can read.

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Prepare Now for Wildfires

Every year, people move to Florida and buy homes in rural areas. It’s lovely. It’s green. There’s a thunderstorm every afternoon with a lightning show because Florida is a high rainfall state. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, most of our rainfall comes during the summer rainy (hurricane) season. The rest of the year tends to be dry. Sometimes extremely dry. Then all that lovely vegetation that grew during the time of abundant rainfall turns all dry and crispy. We will often get lightning without any rainfall, and then the fires begin. Frequent fires are our friend; it keeps the fuel load to a minimum so that brush and undergrowth doesn’t get tall enough to catch tree crowns on fire. It is when we get several wet years in a row without fires with abundant undergrowth that we get the potential for catastrophic damage.

People that have lived in Florida for awhile out in the rural areas have large defensible spaces around their homes, for they know that once a (large) fire starts, it creates it’s own weather conditions and winds. The only thing that will put one of those bad boys out is when the rainfall arrives, or when all the available fuel has been burned, or a combination of the two. If your house is defensible; i.e., trees aren’t overhanging the roof, there aren’t overgrown shrubberies reaching up to the eaves, there isn’t accumulated pine needles/leaves/branches on the roof, and the yard is well demarcated from the forest and doesn’t resemble a pine plantation only less well kempt with short and green grass (and not strewn with sticks, leaves, and overgrown dry grass), then firefighters have a chance to save it. Having a masonry house with a metal or tile roof is also helpful because embers can travel for quite a way during a firestorm.

Here are some helpful guidelines for protecting your home from forest fires. Here’s another link from FEMA.

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I Don’t Think This Is One Of Those “Positive Light” Portrayals of Muslims

In Happier Times Before Chopping Off Her Head

In Happier Times Before Chopping Off Her Head

Orchard Park police are investigating a particularly gruesome killing, the beheading of a woman, after her husband — an influential member of the local Muslim community — reported her death to police Thursday.

Police identified the victim as Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37. Detectives have charged her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, with second-degree murder.

“He came to the police station at 6:20 p.m. [Thursday] and told us that she was dead,” Orchard Park Police Chief Andrew Benz said late this morning.

Muzzammil Hassan told police that his wife was at his business, Bridges TV, on Thorn Avenue in the village. Officers went to that location and discovered her body.

Muzzammil Hassan is the founder and chief executive officer of Bridges TV, which he launched in 2004, amid hopes that it would help portray Muslims in a more positive light.

The killing apparently occurred some time late Thursday afternoon. Detectives still are looking for the murder weapon.

“Obviously, this is the worst form of domestic violence possible,” Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said today.

Authorities say Aasiya Hassan recently had filed for divorce from her husband.

“She had an order of protection that had him out of the home as of Friday the 6th [of February],” Benz said.

Muzzammil Hassan was arraigned before Village Justice Deborah Chimes and sent to the Erie County Holding Center.

Death penalty would be nice.

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