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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I watched the grandsons today so that Mommy and Daddy could have a little quality time together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They went to the movies and ate a meal without food being thrown, child ducking under the table and taking off running, or loud mention of impending urinary disaster if Mommy doesn’t go to the bathroom with him RIGHT NOW.

Meanwhile, Jacob’s high temperature had come back. I could tell because he was quiet and asked if he could take a nap. Brother Dylan was stuffy with a bad cough but no fever. He was a little grumpybutt so MeeMaw put him to bed for a nap and he slept, surprisingly, for 3 hours.

I am just now getting the cupcakes baked that I started when the boys first got here…..measure the flower, get a cup of milk for Jacob. Measure the sugar, get a drink for Dylan. Measure the baking powder, step on a toy dinosaur and hop around on one foot while saying “owie” instead of “SUMBITCH”! Well, you get the idea. When the boys went to sleep, SwampMan was snoozing in the La-Z-Boy (what an appropriately named chair) so I didn’t turn the mixer on. When the boys woke up, they needed food, drinks, and a diaper change for Dylan.

Then back to making cupcakes….oh, snap, where was I in the dry ingredients? Did I put the salt in? How about the baking powder and soda? D’OH!

It was getting pretty late. Jacob was feeling very puny and running a fever, so put him in my La-Z-Boy with a comforter on his lap.

Dylan decided to help me with the cupcakes by holding onto my leg while sitting on top of my foot while I was running back and forth to the cabinets and fridge. Step drag step drag step drag to fridge to get gallon of milk, step drag step drag step drag to cabinet for measuring cup, step drag to mixer, step drag step drag step drag step drag back to fridge. Hmmmm, what’s next on the ingredient list? “Whoa, Dylan, you need that diaper changed again, boy!”

Washing up, back to the kitchen. Did we do eggs? Are there any empty eggshells in the trash? Okay, eggs it is. I think. Um, oil? Yeah, I don’t remember oil. Or do I? Oh, vanilla! And water!

Mommy and Daddy came home at that point, and Jacob started crying because he hadn’t had any cupcakes yet. Mommy told him I’d mail him one (say WHAT)?

I told Jacob that the cupcakes were likely to be yucky because he had been feeling too sick to help, and I couldn’t remember if I put everything in that I was supposed to. Then Mommy and Daddy took them home, and I remembered….I hadn’t even given them their Valentine’s cards and goodies. Dang.

Looks like I’ll be trekkin’ to the other side of town with cupcakes, cards, and candies tomorrow. Hope they’re feeling better.

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“Obama Commemorative Coins” are Bogus

Watch the story here. Oh, the coins themselves are real, of course. It is just that the (bad) stickers plastered over the top of the (real) coins are pissing off the customers because they thought that they paid for REAL COMMEMORATIVE COINS, not some cheesy stickers.

Fake commemorative coins for Obama somehow seems appropriate.

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Karl W. Davis and The Milkmen are Back!

Karl W. Davis, Fernandina Beach, and his musician friends from Nantes, France will be kicking off another U.S./Europe tour by starting at venues in and around Fernandina Beach. If you like the blues, come on out! Call (904) 415-5503 for more information about ticket availability.

Saturday, Valentine’s Day: Hammerhead, Fernandina Beach, 9 p.m.

Feb 15 and Feb 22: Green Turtle, FB, 4 p.m.

Tuesday, Feb 17: Port Solemo, call (904) 415-5503 for time and venue information.

Wednesday, Feb. 18: Cottage Pub, Cocoa Beach, 9 p.m.

Feb 20: Courtyard Nights, FCCJ Betty P. Cook Center, Yulee, 7 p.m.

Feb 20 and 21, Rafters Blues, St. Simons Island, GA 10 .m. (912) 634-9755.

Update: I made an egregious error earlier this morning by putting the wrong name for Mr. Davis! I knew what it was; I had it correct in the title. I sincerely apologize and in my defense, I can only plead kids running around yelling for attention while husband is bellowing that it is Time to Go NOW! as I was finishing the post.

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