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Bitch Slap a Politician Day

The more I think about it, the more I think we really, REALLY need a National Bitch Slap a Politician Day. A senator or congressperson goes into a restaurant and the waiter puts down his tray and SMACK! He/she complains to the manager, and SMACK! Calls a policeman and SMACK! and then is arrested for disturbing the peace and crimes against American taxpayers.

If the person in need of bitch slapping is Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, or Barry Obama, then kick their bony asses hard enough to leave a complete shoe imprint after bitch slapping them. I am totally disgusted and fed up with the lot.

When Vladimir Putin warns the U.S. about the dangers of socialism, we are truly screwed.

Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin has said the US should take a lesson from the pages of Russian history and not exercise “excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence”.

“In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute,” Putin said during a speech at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.”

Sounding more like Barry Goldwater than the former head of the KGB, Putin said, “Nor should we turn a blind eye to the fact that the spirit of free enterprise, including the principle of personal responsibility of businesspeople, investors, and shareholders for their decisions, is being eroded in the last few months. There is no reason to believe that we can achieve better results by shifting responsibility onto the state.”

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The Generational Theft Act Will Be Signed Into Law Tuesday, February 17, or Bitch Slap a Politician Day

Plan an appropriate pork-filled menu to commemorate the occasion. I’d really like the politicians that participated in this obamanation of a bill be jailed, tried, and hung for treason. There are really, REALLY huge problems still coming down the financial pike, and the country won’t be able to handle them because Obama pissed away the budget for years to come on frivolous spending.

Oh, and that budget that it was so urgent to pass that the lawmakers voting on it weren’t even allowed to read it? WTF? Obama wasn’t even going to sign it until Monday, President’s Day Tuesday, Feb. 17. The whole country has just bought a pig in a poke without so much as a peek at the pig.

I’d like to designate Monday Tuesday as official Bitch Slap a Politician Day.

Update: Seems Obama needed a vacation from holding a job for TWO entire weeks! Damn at the stress from THAT.

After pushing Congress for weeks to hurry up and pass the massive $787 billion stimulus bill, President Obama promptly took off for a three-day holiday getaway. Read the rest at the NY Post.

My heart bleeds.

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Another Lil’ Ewe Lamb


Gettin' the Face Washed

Gettin' the Face Washed

Dolly's Daughter

Dolly's Daughter

Dolly appears to be doing fine as was her new daughter (Dolly is a teenage ewe, old in sheep years. This may be her last lamb.) I actually have nice, clean lambing areas ready, nicely bedded, where the ewes could go to lamb if they so choose. As you can see from the hay sticking out of her wool, she started OUT in the bedded area, then I guess she decided to lamb somewhere else, like outside the barn in a light drizzle. They always seem to pick the nastiest spots! One year, I had a ewe choose the manure pile to lamb on. I quit worrying about diseases after the lambs and mom did well.

Sam was getting a little bored, but behaving like a good puppy:


Actually, I think he was working on being invisible so that no mother ewes would see him and kick his butt.


Or maybe he was working on those Jedi mind powers to attract the rooster closer and closer…..

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The Road to Serfdom

Do these tactics sound familiar? They should.

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Another Hysterical Press Release About “Global Warming” Repackaged as “Climate Change” Being Run Obediently by All The MSM

It is a ridiculous article, and I’m all out of patience with the claims laid out to scare the credulous. Here’s an example:

Fires such as the recent deadly blazes in southern Australia have increased in recent years, and that trend is expected to continue, Field said. Warmer weather, earlier snowmelt, drought and beetle infestations facilitated by warmer climates are all contributing to the rising number of fires linked to climate change. Across large swaths of the United States and Canada, bark beetles have killed many mature trees, making forests more flammable. And tropical rain forests that were not susceptible to forest fires in the past are likely to become drier as temperatures rise, growing more vulnerable.

Sigh. Where to even begin on this paragraph riddled with misinformation? The “deadly blazes” in Australia have been occurring for eons. What has changed is that people were prevented from clearing their own property of brush and thinning highly flammable trees to reduce fire hazard dangers. That’s right. If they cut a firebreak, they were fined ridiculous amounts that very few could afford to pay. But that wasn’t good enough. No, they had to go even further and landscape around their houses with those same highly flammable trees with the high oil content. Then, at the height of fire season, arsonists deliberately set fires. Read more about who the responsible “dickheads” are at Watts Up With That.

So, we have “environmentalist” governmental-caused deaths, and who are the newspapers and news reports blaming? They are all uncritically carrying a press release by one of those same environmental agencies to make it seem as though those deaths could be laid at the door of humans through “global warming” or “climate change”. The deaths can indeed be laid at the door of humans; however, it is those same “environmentalists” that are squarely to blame. Something that is best kept in mind about green fanatics is that they do not have your welfare or the welfare of your family at heart. They would prefer that you die for mother earth, the quicker the better. If people/governments kept that in mind before they started instituting policies based on their “advice”, everybody would be better off.

Periodic drought is a natural cycle linked to the state of the El Nino/La Nina cycle as well as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. These people, if they have a “science” degree of any kind, know that. They are just trying to scare people that were sleeping through their science classes which, sadly, appears to be most Americans, or they wouldn’t get away with this crap. Of course, they could also be angling for a big cut of the billion plus taxpayer money grab labeled “science” which undoubtedly means alarmist science; i.e., crap. Organizations don’t get huge grants for saying things like “move along, natural cycle, nothing to see here”. They’re trying to grab all the money they can from solving “global warming” and then, since the PDO is negative and we’re currently in an extended solar minimum, they’ll start competing for grant money for who can find the most alarming global cooling stories (no doubt also caused by humans).

Oh, and those beetle infestations? Again, bad forest management, nothing to do with “climate change” or “global warming”. When forestry practices suppress periodic fires that clear out underbrush and result in a crowded stand of mature, monoculture trees that just happen to be the right age for munching beetles, instead of a mixed forest, this is the result. Add drought stress to the trees, and you have a disaster in the making. While it IS human caused, it has nothing to do with global warming or “climate change”. I used to own a lot of planted pines. When you have a financial stake in something, you have a tendency to educate yourself about it. Here’s a link to Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic if you want to read the extended version of how bad forestry practice creates pine beetle epidemics. Don’t take my word for it, any more than you should take the word of an “environmental” organization’s press release about global warming.

Many scientists and policymakers are advocating increased incentives for preserving tropical forests, especially in the face of demand for clearing forest to grow biofuel crops such as soy. Promoting biofuels without also creating forest-preservation incentives would be “like weatherizing your house and deliberately keeping your windows open,” said Peter Frumhoff, chief of the Union of Concerned Scientists’ climate program. “It’s just not a smart policy.”

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock! All those rain forests being cleared for palm oil and soybeans for biofuel (since idiot lawmakers want to make oil and coal extraction illegal) makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Especially since the plant-based products don’t provide as much energy per gallon so people need more of it to get the same amount of power as they would get from gasoline.

You can read the entire press release in the Washington Post if you have the time to waste on nonsense. About 3/4 is pure bullshit; the rest is blaming climate change for “green” malfeasance.

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Spanish Lawmaker Hustled Out of Venezuela For Calling Hugo a Dictator

CARACAS — A conservative Spanish lawmaker was shoved into a car, driven to the airport and put on the next flight out of Venezuela Saturday after expressing fears that President Hugo Chávez will engage in fraud to win a critical vote on Sunday.

Luis Herrero, a member of the European Parliament invited by the opposition as an observer, said he had been declared ”persona non grata” after he described Chávez as ”a dictator” and suggested that his decision to keep voting booths open two extra hours would invite fraud. Read the rest in the Miami Herald.

Well, let’s see. What is a dictator again?

An absolute ruler.
A tyrant; a despot.

Hugo has had the opposition jailed, he has shut down television stations and newspapers that didn’t sing his praises, he has seized private property without compensation, and he wants to be ruler for life.

Yeah, I think he qualifies for that sobriquet.

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Trading Guns For Roses in South Carolina?

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) — Police in South Carolina want you to have a rose for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is turn in a gun. Read the rest here.

DAMN. That is what I call a bad trade.

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