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Fugitive Allen Stanford Being Hugged on By Nancy Pelosi


Read the rest of the sordid tale at ABC News. It appears that the Stanford Financial Group was a money launderer for drug cartels while simultaneously supplying huge donations to the Democrats and bilking investors out of $8 billion. I wonder what sort of favors the Democrats did for him in return for the largesse?

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How Do You Prepare for If the Sh** Hits the Fan?

A few years ago, we were merely concerned with paying the house off and then putting more money into savings for retirement because social security was not going to be viable when we retired.

Now, SwampMan and I are really worried about the future. The emphasis on “green” energy means that our power bills will increase exponentially, perhaps out of our price range, while supply will decrease. High energy costs will drive what little remains of our manufacturing industry overseas. The only thing the stimulus plan will stimulate is rampant inflation. After all, there isn’t any point to saving if you expect your money to be worth far less in the future.

Now we wonder what is going to happen when the state can no longer afford the pension checks (that SwampMan would be the recipient of), welfare checks, and the unemployment benefits run out? This is not an idle worry. Pension plans are massively underfunded in most states. The present government (yeah, the one that continually reminds us of the “crisis” we’re in and talks down the market daily) is “hoping” to bring the unemployment rate down to 9 to 10% in 2 years by funding their favorite causes. Then there are the plans afoot to cripple the medical care system.

First things first, I suppose. Make sure food, water, shelter, and protection (maybe not in that exact order) are secured before moving on to what to do about energy.

Eastern European currencies crumble…..

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