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Times Are Tough For Models, Too!

From the Miami Herald:

This week’s news that the Irene Marie Models agency was shutting its doors in South Beach only served to reaffirm that the nation’s economic ugliness had tainted the world of glamour.

Slumps in advertising have slashed revenue for newspapers and magazines, resulting in less work for agencies that book the models. Now, Irene Marie Models, which just two years ago had 850 full-time models, is considering filing for bankruptcy.

Oh, snap. Beautiful scrawny people are looking for jobs, too. On the other hand, there is room for hope:

The economic effect can be seen at casting calls — much fewer now — where the models said they expected up to four times as many people trying out. Even more distressing, the department stores will likely take plus-size models, who charge less, to wear their clothing.

I’d go for one of those plus-sized model jobs, but “plus sized” probably means a 4.

”If people are still coming to Miami, they are also cutting their rates,” said Eloisa Carvalho, five feet nine, 115 pounds, radiant black hair tied in a bun, in a flowery bikini. “Now, you just have to really take care of your money, and save it, because sometimes you don’t know what is going to happen.”

Well, at 5’9″ and 115 lbs., she doesn’t have to worry much about where the next meal will come from. Smelling the odors emanating from a BBQ place should fill her up.

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