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Busy, Busy Afternoon

Rambouillet x Tunis Lookin' for Groceries

Rambouillet x Tunis Looking for Food!

Well, My Mommy Thinks I'm Beautiful

Well, My Mommy Thinks I'm Beautiful

 It's a Girl!

It's a Girl!

I got home to hear duck eggs peeping frantically from what USED to be my flower bed before momma duck decided to build a nest in amongst the amarylis bulbs.

Momma duck had decided to take a swim and lunch break in 50-degree windy weather, and the eggs and one newly hatched duckling were near death from the cold. While I was taking the newly hatched duck and a couple of peeping eggs inside to a heat lamp, I glanced at the pasture and noted a new lamb with the old Rambouillet, Mon Ami. The lamb was up and about but Momma wasn’t. Oh, crap.

Placing the eggs and duckling under the heat lamp and crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t return to duck flambe, I ran out to the pasture to find a frantic lamb and a ewe with obturator paralysis (a condition in which the pressure of the lamb coming through the pelvis puts pressure on the obturator nerve and the ewe cannot control her back legs). I lifted her back end, but she fell again. I gave her some molasses and water as well as some concentrated feed for energy, tried to feed the lamb from a bottle but she wanted nothing to do with THAT, and tried lifting again. This time, Mon Ami was able to stand, albeit shakily.

In the meantime, the ewes and lambs had escaped through the gate that I had left open in my haste and were joyously romping through my (luckily unplanted) garden spot. Then they picked out my roses that were leafing out nicely and decided to destroy them.

Odie and Sam also decided to sneak in and shared the afterbirth while I was trying to bottle feed the stubborn little speckled lamb. Aaaack! I hope this doesn’t give the pup the desire to dine on lamb tartare.


Then it was off to check on the ducklings, E-mail daughter, check on the whereabouts of Momma duck, return eggs and duckling to Momma duck who was so unappreciative that I have welts on my arms (probably a bad mistake and I’ll have little duck bodies reproaching me in the morning), feed the horse in her pasture, feed the rams in their pasture, feed the chickens and ducks, feed the ewes in their pasture, and carry hay to rams and ewes, then feed the kitties, the young orphan chickens that are caged for protection from the hawks, and finally feed Sam and Odie, who were not impressed with dry kibble.

Then SwampMan wanted to know what was for supper. Leftovers from last night, that is what was for supper!

Now it is time to let the dogs off the porch for a potty break, pick the ewe up so the lamb can nurse again, iron something for tomorrow, take a shower, wash dishes, and head for bed. Once again, I didn’t have time to make a new large concrete water container for the pup.

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